Everything will be changed, it will always be what Istanbul said

The Istanbul island will be built

My emergency plans are to expell the human demons in Bosphorus, to ruin all the businesses of them, prosecute and punish them and if necessary, destroy them and to expell, trie and destroy the masons, satanists and the barons. Whether everyone obey my rules or get out of the game. Those who continue to stand against me among the members of the circles in question will be taken out of the game by dying.

I have two basic plans. The first plan is to grind the islands and eliminate them in a very short time. I will cover the dark history, savagery, sadism, treachery and heresy in those islands with tears. I will eliminate the places where even Kamal Adıtürk tore apart the children in the rituals. The reason why Turkiye and even the countries around Turkiye under these circumstances is the demonized humans in the Bosphorus and islands… And the bionic robots and the aliens inside them. I owe this to the humanity. If I will serve the humanity and if I will destroy the joint system of the Iblees and Dajjal which I will, then I will destroy these places.

And my second plan for the islands is… I will seize all the real estate properties of all of the traitors, ritualist murderers they have obtained by smuggling, black money businesses, mafia businesses, by selling the state’s institutions and means, treachery and bribery as a requirement of law. I will also nationalized the islands. Then, I will evacuate the islands and start to launch a great project. The project will be prepared by using the most advanced science and technology. Then, I will connect the islands each other and form the islands into a single island by filling them within the scope of these project. The lines of the islands will be filled. They will become a single island. All the meeting/betrayal places where the masons/satanists performed satanic rituals will be destroyed. The tunnels leading to the underground cities of the aliens will be found and destroyed with great caution. It will be a single island worthy of the humanity, the Turkish people and Istanbul and it will be named as the Istanbul island.

The island will be the new capital of Turkiye. It will be the center of Istanbul. Later, we will also build another worthy islands around Istanbul, in the Black Sea region and the Marmara region but the administrative center of Turkiye and even of the world will be the Istanbul island. The presidential palace and all the ministries will be in this island. Also the administrative centers of some of the huge companies in operation in different fields that belong to the state ministries will be in this island. For example, even the center of a state company which will carry out the cannal projects and carry out so many other operations at the same time, including mine and energy will be in the island. This island will be the heart of the world. All the balances will be locked to the island especially the political, military and financial balances.

The project will be completed in a short time. When the project completed, the island will fascinate those who will see it. It will fascinate people with its Turkish/islamic architecture, with its colorful and embroidered buildings which will be a work of art and its grandeur. The island will be above from sea level as needed. Every kind of precaution will be taken against natural or artificial disasters and the high tech enemy attacks and terrorist attacks. The entire floor of the island will be flat. Also the roads of the island will be flat. The in-island transportation will be very easy. It will take only 5 or 10 minutes of a public servant to arrive work from his home. Transportation to the island from the ground will be by a beautiful, wide bridge with measure of security and there will be constant sea and air traffic. It will have a port and an airport for the helicopters and the private jets.

That way, the routes will not have a lot of traffic, the state officials will not spend so much time on the road, the transportation costs will not be massive and the people will not be disturbed and similar problems will not be exist when managing the state affairs.

Thousands of public servants working in the state institutions in question will live in the island with their families. Thus, the security will be provided better and the security expenses of the state will be reduced to a great extent. Turkiye will no longer be a police/soldier state. The public expenses will be reduced in every field. The public servants’ life standarts will be high with little expense. No one will be able to threat the public servants and lead them to do wrong things. No part of the island will be sold. The entire island will always belong to the state. The Istanbul island will be a center that the honest, moral public servants who will be loyal to the nation are rewarded and cherished.

There will be also another benefits of the island that will take long to tell. There will be high tech systems and shields that will not allow bionic robots to come to the island. There will be also protection systems to protect the people from the mind control due to the technological signal attacks from space. There will always be a metaphysicists crew on the island to protect everyone. The most of the excavation from the Strait expansion will be used for filling this island. I will do these and so much more that I haven’t declared yet. As I said before, even from now on, there is no power element to stop me.

If anyone have a message to Istanbul and if they are capable of doing something against me, then I am waiting. As I declared clearly, we are at the end and I will deliberately raise the tension in the field hour by hour. As of now, it will turn into a real conflict and will not be limited to the metaphysical conflicts. Whether it will be the Istanbul’s way or those who stand against Istanbul will be eliminated. The regime, the capital city, the law system, the borders of the country and everything that have to be changed in the country will change. Those who will try to stop us will pay heavy prices or be destroyed and will be taken out of the game.

I am writing it openly. I have the power to rip apart the barons on the islands that they have when they rip apart the innocent children in the rituals. I trust Allah the most and then the religious personalities, then I trust myself, my system and my allies.

Here it is the field, here it is Istanbul… Let us see clearly who are the friends and the enemies of Istanbul.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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