History will repeat itself and huge numbers of people will die

The destruction events in the End Times and the similarities between the tribe of Thamud…

The humans from the world and the humans from space were living together in the tribe of Thamud which is the tribe of the prophet Salih (a.s). The science and technology was very advanced in the era and the alien species weren’t hiding from the humans.

Shaddad bin ‘Ad who is the leader of the people of ‘Ad said to the prophet Hud, “You say that there is a heaven in the hereafter and mislead the people. You will see that I will build a heaven on Earth.” and they were living in an era with very advanced technology, he built an historically-unprecedented artificial heaven which is the Bagh-e Eram (the Garden of Paradise). After the time that has given to the tribe of Ad over, they were also destroyed. A handful of people belived him and survived and their bloodline continued.

The tribe of ‘Ad who didn’t believe the religion and the advices the prophet Hud delivered was destroyed in a terrible way. It was such a terrible destruction that the next generations never forgot the way they were destroyed. The tribe of Thamud lived as an islamic way for a while. But after some time, Idolatry and satanism spreaded among them. They stopped to see the bitter end of the tribe of ‘Ad as a destruction. They made scientific comments and they completely deleted the spiritual/religious part of the event.

Because of they didn’t want to be destroyed en masse in a terrible way, they built their houses into the mountains/rocks extending through the underground. They were easily carving their houses out of the rocks and building them in a very short time.

They were not limited to this, they were using high technology at every stage of their lives. They had a protection system to protect their cities from every kind of enemy attacks. Their enemies couldn’t damage the tribe of Thamud and the cities they lived. That is why the tribe of Thamud is called “Ashab-al Hijr” which means a community under protection. They took advantage of this opportunity to engage in banditry activities against the other tribes. They were robbing, exploiting and killing them. They were gone astray in every way.

Human life was still long in that era. The prophet Salih was given a long life and he continued to invite the tribe of Thamud to the religion of islam for a very long time. But, only a handful of people believed his prophethood. There were aliens among these people.

The prophet Salih had also a very powerful spiritual/metaphysical power. Those who couldn’t openly attack the prophet Salih because of he was from a very powerful bloodline and tribe began to attack him with metaphysics after a while. The prophet Salih was responding them with metaphysics. Extraordinary things began to happen and seen by people during these metaphysical conflicts. The prophet Salih began to attack metaphysically to the leading ones among the tribe of Thamud who dragged the tribe into worldly and afterlife disasters and those who aided and abetted them. As a result, unusual things happened among the tribe of Thamud after a while. Diseases spreaded. Sudden deaths increased. The devices and vehicles broke down. The suicides increased. Fires and accidents increased. In fact, it is reported that fertility of women decreased. The women couldn’t have children.

The “The gang of nine” in the Qur’an verse about the tribe of Thamud was the version at that time of today’s counsel who rule the Ankebut Cult from the top. “The gang of nine” was connected to the Iblees just as it is today, they were all satanists and they already turned the tribe of Thamud into satanists. All those nine knew advance magic and metaphysics and they spreaded sorcery, oracularity/mediumship and every kind of metaphysical techniques among the tribe of Thamud.

When the metaphysical conflicts against the prophet Salih intensified, an angry crowd came to the prophet Salih, they complained and said, “We lost our peace because of you. You damaged everbody. We have gone through a lot of trouble.” They couldn’t physically hurt the prophet Salih due to the protection of Allah. The prophet Salih left the tribe and went somewhere far for some time and then returned and continued to his duties of the office of Prophethood.

The metaphysical conflicts continued without slowing down and it also continued when the prophet Salih returned to his tribe. The end was near and the prophet Salih was warning his tribe with calamities and destruction more than ever. But they were saying that, “Stay out of our business. Bring the destruction you have threatened us.” and mocking him.

The prophet Salih showed miracles so many times as the proof of his prophethood. But the tribe of Thamud trusted their physical measures and advanced science and technology. If the lightning strikes poured like rain, they wouldn’t take any damage in the houses of rock, the energy of the lightnings would be earthed. If high-pressure bombs would be thrown to them, it couldn’t destroy the city of rock. If a nuclear bomb would be thrown to them or intensified energy weapons would be used to destroy them and even hundreds of earthquakes would happen in their city, they would give them no loss of life or property. These means they had were making them more wayward and astray.

But Allah gave the tribe of Thamud time because Allah want them to have no excuses before they go to the endless disaster. In fact, due to this reason, the tribe of Thamud wasn’t destroyed suddenly. The prophet Salih said them, “Your faces become pale in the first day. In the second day, your faces become red. And in the third day, your faces will become dark.” He walked away, migrated with a handful of muslims by order of Allah.

What the prophet Salih warn them about began to happen to them. The face of those from the tribe of Thamud began to become pale. Their faces became red in the second day. This is happening due to the metaphysical ability of the prophet Salih and the tribe of Thamud know that about the metaphysical power the prophet Salih had and they were angry with him. They went to his place to kill him but they couldn’t find him and those who believed him. They became extremely nervous.

One of them among them understood how serious what was happening and left the city and took refuge in another tribe with the hope that he will survive. But the result didn’t change. He died the in a terrible way just like the other unbelievers. His face became red and then dark. He asked for water, he drunk it and died in seconds. It was like his body lost all its power, like he lost all the control, he fell to his knees when he was standing and then fell on his face.

The tribe of Thamud which was a tribe that most of its people became satanists relied on only the rituals, magic, metaphysics and especially the Iblees when they found out that they will be destroyed. The Iblees who is from the Jinn and an enemy of the entire humanity knew that he cannot protect the satanists in that era and he was watching their ending with laughter.

The tribe of Thamud thought that they could defeat the prophet Salih in metaphysics and kill him just like what happened in the South Korea, Seoul in the Halloween and they were performing dark rituals collectively.

During the time, the Angels, the souls of the previous prophets and even the ark of the covenant were on the field to protect the prophet Salih and to destroy his enemies.

Allah, according to his sunnah, created physical and spiritual reasons when he was protecting his prophet. The tribe of Thamud who were dehumanized, who became arrogant, thankless, corrupted, satanic, savage, cruel, ignorant, who were blind even to the miracles, who don’t even influenced by death and those who died was suddenly struck by metaphysics when they were performing a dark ritual in the city they said “Nothing can harm us.”

They had coating in the exterior of their houses that the walls of rocks were keeping the electromagnetic shock waves, the metaphysical signals out and protecting them from various energy attacks. Moreover, they were good at metaphysics and they had so many metaphysical protections in the metaphysical field. Besides, they had so many helpers and protecters from the Jinn but none of them could help them.

The sharp metaphysical signals of the prophet Salih and the destructive metaphysical signals the ark of the covenant was spreading struck them in a sudden. This was not the first time. Similar destruction events happened in most of  the eras of the previous prophets.

They gave the meanings thunder, scream, blast, wind, quake to the words sayha, qariah, saika, rajifa but these are not the actual meanings of these words. The actual meanings are shock waves, energy strike, metaphysical exposure, vibration of the atoms due to the shock waves. Even the word “Naka” doesn’t only mean camel. If we get started with the word “Naka”, we will face the truths that will cause the world history to be rewritten immediately.

Therefore, Allah said in the nineth verse of the surah Ibrahim:

Have you not ˹already˺ received the stories of those who were before you: the people of Noah, ’Âd, Thamûd, and those after them? Only Allah knows how many they were. Their messengers came to them with clear proofs, but they put their hands over their mouths1 and said, “We totally reject what you have been sent with, and we are certainly in alarming doubt about what you are inviting us to.”

There is more…

“The smoke” Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) who is the prophet of the End Times reported in the hadiths about the End Times is relavant to our subject.

It is mentioned in a hadith in Abu Dawud, “The smoke will affect the mumins (believers) like a common cold but it will affect the disbelievers very violently.” Also, it is mentioned in the hadiths about the smoke that there will be deaths en masse all over the world due to the smoke, that the faces of the people who will be exposed to the smoke will become pale and red, that not all of them will die in a sudden and the muslims who will not be affected by the smoke will understand that those people were affected by the smoke.

In the 10th verse of the surah Ad-Dukhan; Wait then ˹O Prophet˺ for the day ˹when˺ the sky will be veiled in haze, clearly visible. The smoke which is reported in this verse and in the hadiths in question is not the smoke or fog in the ordinary sense. It is the heavy metaphysical signals that surrounds the world and causes deaths en masse.

I recently wrote that dabbatul-ard is not a strange creature and it is a human being…
Contrary to what is thought, it is not a harmful, wild creature and he is a well-intentioned human being who struggles for the benefit of the humanity… In fact, Mahdi and dabbatul-ard can be the same person.

The fire event that will break out in the End Times, the smoke event and the collapses/land subsidences which are mentioned in the hadiths and the Qur’an verses are closely related to the truths of the tribe of Thamud I have told in this article, of the known Qur’an verses, hadiths and Dabbatul-ard. Volumes of books can be written on this subject…

In these days that I evaluate we live in a very near of the great disasters in question, everyone are in need of this article and these informations. Now, every individual person and circles/parties will make their own decisions with their free will and will be responded accordingly.

For now, I wrote this article which is a delayed article because of the intense political agenda only this long. I will explain it more abroadly in the coming times and especially after the disasters in question happened.

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