Karun’s treasures are still guarded

Karun’s treasures are not only in onr place. His treasures are in different parts of the world… And the largest and the central part of the treasure is in thr lands of Turkiye.

Karun’s treasures were in the gigantic vehicles or places built with very high technology in his time. These were square kilometers of vehicles and places. There were not only treasures in them but also high-tech devices and even some books about high technology, sources and notes. There were Karun’s men in these places but all of them were destroyed, they couldn’t get out.

These are both troubling issues to find out where the treasures are and to open the doors to enter these places and vehicles when we find ot where they are. Because these vehicles and places built from very solid materials with high level of mechatronic (which have both electronic and mechanical parts) security systems. The security systems requires Karun’s body, energy or his mind to unlock the doors.

The alien species who live secretly in our world can unlock the doors of the vehicles and places in question, but there is more. It is not possible to reach the area and the treasures from under or above the ground. They are protected by magnetic shields even the aliens’ technology cannot break. These shields are just like the protection shield around our planet called the Mount Qaf… The aliens cannot also pass through the Mount Qaf.

The treasures of Karun will be uncovered soon and the one who will find the treasures is Hz. Mahdi. The primary goal of some of the non-muslim parties will be to reach Karun’s treasures during malhamah kubra. (the third war/armageddon).

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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