We’ll play open; we’ll go fast.

Southern Azerbaijan will not be left to Azerbaijan under the command of Britain and Israel.

South Azerbaijan will not be an autonomous region; it will be directly connected to Turkey. A “transition process” and a “conciliation process” will occur after Turkey is connected.

Tens of millions of Turks living in another legal system, another administrative system, another education/teaching system, and another culture will not be allowed to move into Turkey and disperse and reside freely. A collective population movement will not be permitted, but partial transitions will be allowed under all necessary conditions, and convenience will be provided.

Turkey will immediately take its governors, district governors, courts, police, military elements, and institutions to the region. Those who are primarily Turkish from the people of the area will be assigned to government offices in that region. This way, the “fitness” process will take much less time. On the other hand, the urgent problems of the region’s people will be dealt with, and solutions will be found with the state’s power.

Southern Azerbaijan will be added to the delivery limits of internet shopping sites in Turkey. The transition of cargo and transport companies to the region will be facilitated. These companies’ vehicles will be able to move freely without allowing black money transactions. The commercial settlement will also be initiated immediately, and currency settlement will also be started immediately.

We will play openly in South Azerbaijan and take a fast track. We will never allow London to implement its plans to separate Southern Azerbaijan from Iran and connect it to Azerbaijan under its command. What they want to do just because of the Turkish Union is to destroy the Turks and, on the other hand, to exploit everywhere more. A project to strengthen China insidiously against the Turkish world.

If they had been able to realize their plans, they would have stirred up the region, had the countries under their command (including Turkey, thanks to the AKPKK) colluded, and would have turned everything into a bloodbath. At that time, they were going to create an emergency cash source for themselves by doing organ work at the highest level, and on the other hand, they would carry out the Turkish massacres they wanted. At the same time, they were going to put many terrorist organizations that they founded and used on the field. Meanwhile, many Turkish communities at different points would have thought that they were fighting to “defend the homeland and the nation.” Again, they would feed on chaos; they would fight collusion again; they would make brother and sister hurt again; they would also get bloody and black money. They would kill too many birds with one stone.

Our movement is legitimate… We have no reservations about anyone.

– Besides, we protect the people of Turkey from various dangers, and to achieve this, we solve the problem in the center of the problem, namely in southern Azerbaijan.

– At the same time, we protect both the people of southern Azerbaijan and other peoples in the region from the covert occupations of the westerners, from the chaos projects, from the black money works, from the terrorist organizations under their command, from the massacres.

– On the other hand, we are fighting for human rights by standing against the oppression, massacre, and exploitation of the British spy traitors who hold the administration of Iran.

– If the USA were in our place, it would have openly intervened in the region hundreds of times so far.

– It is evident that the region does not see/does not consider itself Iranian and that they know that they are under occupation and are fighting against it. Historical facts also confirm the people of the region.

Under these conditions, the duty is Turkey’s, Turkey protect these people from persecution and ensures the protection of human rights. At first, our special forces with maroon berets will open the way, direct the field, and use weapons against every enemy element whenever necessary. Then South Azerbaijan will be officially connected to Turkey.

No country or group in world politics has the conditions and power to oppose our just/legitimate intervention. Even if they could, we would have made the same intervention under the following conditions. We would have entered the war if necessary.

| Mfs – Ground-breaking – Akademi Dergisi

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