Big dogs and small dogs

I know people like Kim Jong Un so well. They explode as fast as they get inflated. And they only harm themselves when they exploded. Then, either they would be forgotten or remembered with curses.

They are being the dogs of others, and they treat the people under their command like a dog. Because of they know that they wag their tails at everyone who have bones, they see others with their own nature.

They are the troublemakers for both their own communities and the entire humanity. It is a service to immediately kill those kind of people on sight and it is one of the prime duties of the people. The only reason the international organisations who claim that they bring human rights and democracy to peoples and the organisation of the USA are not uncomfortable with these dogs as expected is because they eat together. Big dog-small dog relationship…

It is before the eyes that the human rights in Yemen, Libya, the North Korea and so many other countries are in very bad condition… But people like Kim Jong Un who cannot even called human is in power. Because the Wild West, the Wild China and Russia like to feed and use dogs. It benefits them. The dogs are working with dogs. There have been incredible pain, massacres, torture and oppression but the collusions still continue. Even the monsters who rip apart humans can be in power. A dog on a leash who is used for the Ankebut Cult to turn his own people into cash and to use them for the organ trafficking by turning his own country into a semi-open prison can growl here and there. There is a famous saying that a growling dog don’t bite.

I actually don’t want to deal with a dog like Kim Jong Un who is a tool of a tool but if someone who afraid to face me send over their tools, maybe I will kill them first before their tools. It seems that the time to liberate the North Korea from the dogs is near, also. Because one more dog who is asked to face Istanbul is peeing on the mosque wall.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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