We’ll strike them all.

We will strike everyone who will attend the Queen’s funeral with metaphysical techniques. We will strike anyone influential and authoritative. Our goal when striking will be to send them to their hell as soon as possible. In addition, we will strike their assistants/crews going there. It will not be enough; we will simultaneously strike everything possible in their countries and in the ongoing process. We will strike everything from the army, military, civil/administrative vehicles, banking systems, and power plants to power plants, especially the officer cadres. We will even put military and civil air transport into crisis.

By going there, we will slam the news, press and media workers, even social media agents, who will make the broadcasts that show the Queen, the enemy of all humanity, as a good angel to the society of the world, and simultaneously everyone and everything in their companies, around them. In just a few days, we will inflict trillions of dollars in financial damage to the parties. Still, the loss of reputation and loss in the political and military fields will be invaluable. Loss of life is another matter…

In fact, we will start to strike such sides today, a few hours later, “lightly.” As of the same hours, we will carry out very heavy metaphysical attacks on bionic robots, which are seen as members of the royal family. The alien inside the Queen has gotten into Charles, and his health/health is not good. The bionic robot in the image of Charles is not doing well either. Bionic robots have to be well-suited to their replacements. They have to be sick, half-witted, weak-minded, memory-challenged, cowardly, and lazy like them. This is a unique opportunity for us… It will completely collapse that satanist cadre, the enemy of humanity, that savage mob serving the Devil, together with its alien humans, earth humans, bionic robots, technological tools, and devices, and their environment/connections aid and abet them. We will completely destroy it in the process.

Those who want to disappear can take their place opposite Istanbul, next to London. Neither press nor media companies will remain in London… Neither banks nor international brands will remain. Neither will the treacherous cadres of politicians, bureaucrats, and business people in the countries they hold as undeclared colonies will remain… They will not be able to use these countries’ armies and financial resources according to their own pleasure. Until then, other sub-organizations will remain. All, together with London, will collapse entirely and soon. We will not leave our work unfinished. The borders drawn by London with a ruler, artificial states and statelets, and flags all similar to each other will continually change.

Those on the wrong side now will crawl at best, even if they still survived that day.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi

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