We do not deport Syrians to Syria

The decision has changed. We are for a solution. The United States of America (EU), whose member states/nations have all hit bottom, materially and morally/morally, has made a statement. “We support the return of Syrians to their country, but the conditions have not yet been met,” they said.

We disagree. We can write in the volume of the book; we can explain and prove that there is the security of life and property in Syria. From the beginning, there was no civil war in Syria. Still, the black-money states turned it into a bloodbath and a source of black money with the terrorist organizations they founded and managed… that Israel, the crusaders and traitors in Turkey, and other known parties are confusing Syria. But we are so full; even the hours are complex, we can’t stand them anymore. We are in favor of a solution somehow and immediately. For this reason, we will act with dignity and not prolong the matter at all.

Although we do not find the EU justified, we can prove the contrary with tens of thousands of concrete evidence… Even though we can reveal that the EU is a liar, even with the videos taken by average/civilian people in Syria and put on Youtube recently… The EU is wholesale liars, Even though we can prove that they have turned into a union of black moneyers, colonialists, murderers, savages, child killers, organists, rapists, Satanists… Despite all these and more, we currently respect the EU and do not deport Syrians to Syria. . Yes, don’t be surprised; we don’t deport there.

We keep them all and deport them to the EU. Since the conditions have not been met in Syria, let them take care of it for five or ten years. But there is this part of this nation that the problem of this nation is not only the Syrian war defectors… More than ten million so-called refugees from dozens of countries have gathered in our country. The EU also has a significant share in this being the case. We are sending more than ten million so-called refugees to the EU. Yes, yes… That’s what we’re doing right now. We also declare that we will not enter into polemics with the EU afterward.

If a problem occurs, we will tell them:

“This is a problem between the EU and the so-called refugees and their nationality/governments. Why are you including us? We get it, almost none of you are sober at night, but at least a few are sober during the day. Don’t drink that much. Do not turn various parts of the world into a sea of blood or a swamp of black money to find the money you need to drink, attract, and have fun all the time. We were not and are nothing to any of these stateless, dishonorable types. If you say, “Isn’t it your Muslim brothers?” Not so… According to the religion of Islam, it is a death sentence to flee from defending one’s homeland and from fighting. Their men must be killed anyway. We will not enter into polemics on these issues either. We are now out of this issue. We are withdrawing our army from Syria, Libya, Somalia, and elsewhere. We turn our backs on you too. We refuse to be human demons like you. While the matter has come to this, we leave it to the conscience of humanity that you make such false statements and statements over the official officials of your official organization in front of history when all of you have been so exposed. We are sure that one day after a short while, you will meet with the collective reaction of humanity and be crushed under humanity’s feet. The money you stole from all over the world will be demanded from you. You all will be held accountable for the babies, children, teenagers, grown-ups, and organs you stole worldwide. You will be brought against you by the “union of armies” composed of dozens of countries. For now, please stay away from us, and do not lead us to earthly and otherworldly disasters. You’ve all sold your souls to the devil. How many times have you been destroyed and never been wise, but now let your so-called civilization be destroyed again? Even animals are not as cruel, emotionless, unfeeling, and wild as you. Damn you all. Let fire come out of your eyes; let the ash fall on you, as the distorted Bible mentions. Let the images of you starving and eating each other as predators go around the world. Let everyone find answers to this question through your last days, what is the end of being at the service of Iblis in the world.”

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