I am the Curse of Allah

I don’t care what happens to Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan people still obey Aliyev and his wife and keep them in their heads without causing any problems. The Azerbaijani people still do not say “enough is enough” to the royal system and have a way to hell.

I will bury anyone from Turkey who supports the Azerbaijani people, army, and government in any way, together with his entire circle/gang. I do not say, statesman, officer, mafia, businessman, party leader, or member; I do not separate anyone; I will smash everywhere. I’ll put this at the top of my “before do” list. For me to say… Azerbaijan will either change, return to its factory settings, or become like a Muslim Turkish country, not in words but the essence, or it will disappear.

Everyone should understand that the so-called Turkish unity the Royal family will establish will not be Turkish unity. Masonic union, Jewish union, satanist union, Christian union, crusader union, black money union. It will be an organization to the detriment of all humanity, especially the Turks. A nation that consents and obeys such a plan, and anyone who helps and abets influential and authoritative, will also find trouble. I am in this field right now to make sure that. For some, I am a punishment from Allah. If they hadn’t gone astray, if they hadn’t used every holy one of ours and their demons, I wouldn’t have been fighting this battle and sending them to their hell. I’ll send them to their hell en masse if my tune blows.

It has been twenty years since my mother and father parted ways with one of my brothers and deleted them for good reasons. It doesn’t force me to wipe out the Azerbaijani people who look like Turks, think, believe, and live like Turkish enemies, and even do/cut the interventions/coups/punishments they deserve. The sharp sword of justice begins to appear for the people of Azerbaijan, who do not benefit from all these warnings, fairness, goodwill, sincerity, patience, wisdom, and nobility. My sword is about to unsheath…

While I’m knocking out the US, the UK, and the European States as a whole, I will never allow anyone to establish a new Asia-based Ankebut Cult when the existing Ankebut Cult is even about to cut off the blood flow to the aorta. So that you know, all parties should take their decisions accordingly.

I do not know the current/official Organization of Turkish States either. I do not know those who know or respect that organization, which is a satanist project.

I don’t know about the treason project called “I can’t fit into this world,” which was filmed within the framework of such plans of the Royal and will be broadcast soon. It was always that Sabbatean secret Jew and MIT pawn, Osman Sinav, who shot projects that supposedly served the Turkish nation but served the Royal / Dajjal system (especially the Kurtlar Vadisi series). Has Osman Sınav been exposed lately, or is there no room for action? For a few days, MIT’s men in the news media, apart from the TV series industry, have been the subject of the series. What we wrote years ago is the subject of discussion these days. I think the Royal lackeys in Turkey are pushing their luck too much.

| Mfs – Ground-breaking– Akademi Dergisi

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