Have not I told you?

Your ancestors inflicted the same metaphysical attacks on righteous prophets in the past as you did on me yesterday. Allah knows best, but until today, thousands of prophets of truth had been martyred in such attacks in different periods. There are no other people on earth like you who obeyed Iblis at all times, denied and murdered the true prophets, and struggled for the material and spiritual disaster of humanity. This is why you are cursed in the Quran.

I confess that I didn’t think you could do such an attack, but it’s not a big deal. During yesterday’s attacks, I experienced a state of contraction. There was a loss of appetite. I felt a bloated stomach as if I had eaten too much. Nothing else happened. I didn’t even leave my shift halfway, I didn’t even leave my work. Any medication, supplements, etc. I didn’t use it. I didn’t even have a nervous breakdown. I didn’t even bleed from my nose. My mind and stomach were not even nauseous. Is it fainting, he was not even approached. Yes, nothing happened to me as a result of your massive and organized attacks. Moreover, there was no metaphysical protection on or around me. I’m not lying, you know, there really was no metaphysical protection, and there isn’t now.

I worked both evening and night. Since the morning, my work has been intense and I continue to destroy this evil system that you have already established in the world at great speed. When I responded to your attacks with my team, metaphysicians worldwide have seen or will see your losses after reading the article.

Some of the notables among you said, “There would be no prophet after Muhammad? How can MFS still survive? How can MFS survive despite such heavy attacks and tens of thousands of heavy spells that we have done in an organized way?” They somehow get the news that he cried out and rebelled. Yes, There has never been a prophet after Muhammad and never will be. However, there is no record/information that the second Dhul-Qarnayn will not come. He was not a prophet or a perfect master, but the first Dhu’l-Qarnayn was like that. It could not be destroyed by anything, with very high technology, with metaphysical attacks made in a world mobilization, with tens of thousands of heavy spells made by killing tens of thousands of people in one day, simultaneously with countless mediums and jinn tribes and electronic devices. God protected him too and made him victorious.

Haven’t I told you over and over again “I will not die”? Have not I said that “Our law with Azrael is extremely powerful”? Have not I said, “The prophets, the messengers, the righteous ones, the martyrs, the Companions, the Silsile-i Sadat are always with me in their spirit, they are with me”? I look at the spiritual strength I have, and at the same time, I look at your psychics, sorcerers, and jinn tribes and see them all like an insect that I can easily crush under my feet even when they are together.

Come on, get up, I’m going to stir up world politics a lot. Day by day, you will experience what it means to lose, to be damned, over and over again. Big things will happen. And let everyone see with their own eyes concretely how little, how helpless, how desperate, how broke you are… Let everyone see with their eyes that the world is running towards Istanbul, approaching rapidly… Turkey I will get out of Syria. I will expel all of the more than ten million so-called refugees from Turkey. I will overthrow power in the USA. Immediately after, I will overthrow the government in Turkey with a loud noise, and then I will do a big cleaning. I will not leave your men here. I will include Southern Azerbaijan in Turkey. I will root out the PKK(KWP). I’m going to do a big clean-up in northern Iraq and then head to Basra. I will sink many large holdings in a concise time. In this process, I will start giving a lead to many influential people around the world, especially those in Turkey.

Again, I will finish the work of many influential people, especially those in Turkey, through the law, with concrete evidence, but without being too visible in the field. There will be many who do not fully understand what is going on and cannot interpret it. I will make urgent interventions to the energy, food, health, and clean water problems of many countries, especially Turkey. I will make Turkey a country where electromagnetic attacks cannot be made. I will turn Turkey into an energy giant. On the one hand, I will take the whole of Cyprus. I will take our other occupied islands and our land now called Greece. Some say together, some say one after the other, I will do everything very, very quickly and in a short time.

In six months, I will turn our army into such an army that those who see the result will not believe it. Get up, if you can get up. Even if you can’t get up, I will crush you under my feet like bugs. As I destroyed that Iblis, whom you took as a master, every day…

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


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