Futile deeds

The King of Malaysia comes to Turkey primarily for Sabiha Gökçen Airport, but it comes to naught.

Sabiha Gökçen Airport remains in the hands of the field. It does not win as thought; on the contrary, it will lose a lot in the long run. Their official/legal problems do not end. In a short time, no black money and smuggling business will be carried out through airports in Turkey. They should also evaluate it.

Trying to own and hold Sabiha Gökçen Airport is as futile as trying to keep the port that is planned to be done within the scope of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant project and to be used in all kinds of black money transactions… All such plans have been spoiled from the beginning and will be spoiled. Turkey, deliberately driven to the bottom from all sides, will soon become an actual state of law. Because the thing that hits bottom quickly and hard inevitably jumps up. Something that goes beyond the limit turns into its opposite. Atrocities, injustices, thefts, giveaways, and state terrorism in Turkey have exceeded their limits.

In Turkey and countries acting together with Turkey, air passenger transport, especially air cargo, will experience a rapid decline. Neither the near future predictions nor the plans of the Ankebut Cult will hold. Again, Istanbul will be what Mfs said. Airplanes and airports will be costly systems/tools that are not primarily preferred if there is a great need. Even that new Istanbul airport will be unusable in a short time. They will have lots of official/legal issues. It will also be the subject of judgments around the world. While the need for airports is rapidly decreasing, they will also be unusable due to technical inadequacy, the fact that materials and workmanship have always been stolen, the wrong location has been chosen, and the grave flaws in the project. We already have a food and drinkable water crisis and a fuel/energy and spare parts crisis. There will be many people who have airplanes but cannot find aviation fuel or find and buy it at exorbitant prices, cannot find spare parts, or have to buy them at exorbitant prices. People will not be able to pay much money for plane tickets anyway. And why should people pay, who will have alternatives that are much cheaper than airplanes, approaching the speed of aircraft, the risk of accident is much, much less than airplanes and their comfort is much higher than airplanes… This world will change rapidly…

The land of the New Istanbul Airport and everything on it, movable or immovable, will be seized entirely to compensate for the public loss. All the assets of all companies that worked on these projects and got jobs will be taken as a precaution. Everyone involved in this business will be hurt, and the public interest will be paramount. After a while, everything confiscated will be sold in an open auction, and the income will be transferred to the treasury. If anyone wants to use the new Istanbul airport, they only use the land of the new Istanbul airport for other business areas, and it’s useless there…

The state will wholly seize Sabiha Gökçen Airport, and all contracts, agreements, sales, and leases will be deemed invalid. It will transform into an airport used only for military purposes, even while the trials are still ongoing. I don’t think it will be used as an airport for military purposes for a long time.

Turkey’s ridiculous legal system and administrative system will be changed in an instant. All parties must take steps accordingly, knowing who is already in control in Turkey, without being deceived and trusting the current legal system, the political system, treacherous politicians, and most importantly, the treacherous masons. Then Istanbul will not care what anyone says; it will do what it has to do. It will cause even more losses to the parties and countries that try to stand firm on these issues. Those Malaysian people must also get rid of their so-called King. A so-called king, who is a subcontractor to the black money, dark and bloody affairs of the Queen of England, who is the behind-the-scenes leader of the system that has corrupted the world, should not and should no longer stand at the head of the Muslim and brotherly Malaysian people.

It is very easy to disrupt the plans and system of the Ankebut Cult in Malaysia, as in Turkey, by causing a crisis out of the Sabiha Gökçen problem as long as our brothers in Malaysia, especially our influential and authorized brothers there, give a voice.

From now on, Istanbul guides and will shape every field/sector in Turkey, especially construction, transportation, energy, agriculture, animal husbandry, informatics, and communication. No party should be pawns in the plans of Queen Elizabeth of England, which has become like a lemon cologne that has already lost its power whether they are kings or heirs, whether they are officers or businessmen. Because Istanbul will continue to dismiss those who continue to be pawns to the queen, group by group, and rapidly, these futile works should be abandoned, whose works will continue when we completely mess with the USA whose works will continue. At the same time, we take our lands, which I claim to take, and their agreements with Istanbul must be made in advance. They still think that they can do these things with the Ankara government; still, with the mason masters in Turkey, they are the ones who dream while standing.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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