We will leave him alone

We will leave Solomon Soysuz alone for a while, we will not press too hard. Turkey’s interests require that Soysuz’s field of action be opened for a while. Then we resume our feud. Nowadays, if he wants, he can burn it, demolish it, or throw it away, we will not interfere too much. As long as they pay attention to our sensitivities, we will allow the Perinçek family to move more freely.

Ümit Özdağ and his gang are already a garbage project now… We will drop them from the field/game in a short time. Meral Akşener is a project that we have already destroyed and we will not give way to her or her gang. When he comes to power, someone who declares that he will re-enforce the Istanbul contract as the first thing will never come to power in this country. Anyone who does not pay attention to the sensitivities of MFS cannot grow, rise, become stronger, or win in this country.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


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