Israel to bomb Gaza from the air for a week

• The bombing of cities, and residential areas, indiscriminately, is a crime against humanity. It’s a massacre, it’s terrorism. Even if a state/army does this, the state that does it is a terrorist state. However, since Israel is not a real state, those who gave these orders and those who obeyed these orders should be tried as terrorist organization leaders and members.

• What and where does Gaza have to be bombed from the air for a week? How many security problems do they pose for Israel? Is there any Palestinian group left that Israel does not infiltrate and collude with, and does not engage in black and blood money business together?

• These shows and collusion that Israel has been exhibiting for decades are now understood. Everyone understood what was going on. At the same time, he understood that Israel was trying to show itself strong because it had seen its destruction. Very soon there will be no organization called Israel. It’s our land. These are the lands that were taken from us illegally and by the betrayal by secret Jews and secret Masons who infiltrated the administration of the Ottoman state… There is no such thing as the promised land. Thousands of years ago it was in the time of Hazrat Musa, and it came and went. At that time, If the Jews who were around Hazrat Musa had not been afraid, had not stayed back from the war, Had they obeyed the commandments of Hazrat Musa, they would have taken all of that land, called the “promised land.” They could not, but Hazrat Musa and Muslims who were subject to Dhul-Qarnayn, mostly Muslim Turks, did and took it and that matter ended there. In fact, they took the whole world under their rule and made the world a single state.

• What is Israel’s panic when there is an atmosphere of chaos in the world right now and Istanbul has locked up everywhere and everyone? Why does it want to change the agenda, to draw attention to itself?
• Britain also said, “We are always behind the state of Israel”. Is Israel a state? Is Israel behind the UK or is the UK behind Israel? Or Britain how much Israel? Is there actually a British administration now? How many of the staff that currently holds the administration of England consider themselves British, and how many see themselves as Israeli citizens?

• It is still possible for the international terrorist organization called Israel to take over the administration of many countries, mostly through the Masonic sect, to deliberately drag many nations into material and moral disasters, to engage in satanism, to try to drag the world’s humanity into collective disasters, and to do all kinds of black and blood money transactions. Will you be unresponsive? Now Gaza will be bombed from the air for a week, and will other countries make statements like the Jews/Masons who have taken over the British administration? Will the arms and legs of the children be severed again, and the young girls and mothers will die, and will the world applaud this?

• These are absurd, contradictory, unlawful, inhumane situations, attitudes, explanations, and behaviors that you can get from anywhere… What did the devil and the antichrist have done to this world… Is England or the thing called Israel higher up and ahead in the system of the antichrist?

• Where is that Mr. Bidon? How is Israel in America? How many agenda items is Israel trying to remove from the agenda with its move to collude with the Palestinian groups under its control? I’m thinking, when the Israelis in Turkey’s army and state system, those traitors who see themselves as Israelis, those secret Jews, those secret masons are destroyed, who will protect Israel and keep it alive? I claim that it will not be able to survive for two days even in the face of Syria in this state.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


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