We burn the seas too

I do not want to see the US ships and soldiers in the Ephesus exercise.

Not only in that exercise, but in the Black Sea, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean, I do not want to see any places close to us. I don’t want to see not only the US ships but also the ships within NATO and the ships of the western countries, especially England and France, circulating individually. I don’t want to see not only their ships but also any of their naval, air, or land military vehicles and soldiers. My army is waiting for a spark, I can hardly hold it.

What is not understood about this, and now, as if to disagree with me, the US and French ships are included in the Ephesus exercise?

Let the USA, which had exercises with Greece until yesterday, and the USA, which used Greece as a tool and pampered us, retreat, continue to side with Greece or let their ships wait somewhere far away.

If those ships participate in that exercise, neither I nor Turkey is responsible for what will happen to them. Let no one tell me about the decisions and signatures of the traitors in power and the signatures of the traitors of previous eras. I’ve said it a thousand times, we don’t want them.

We have already parted ways with the United States of America and the European States, and we have declared this to the world over and over. Let no one test us. We are not bluffing, we are extremely serious. If he obliges both the seas and the continents, we will burn the whole world.

We do not need it for now, but if necessary, we can even conduct joint exercises between Turkey, Russia, and China in the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean. We ensure that a very high number of soldiers from the Turkish world participate in these military exercises.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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