Anyone may shoot them

I will not/will not regard the attacks/interventions against Bayraktar UAVs and SİHAs anywhere in the world, including Turkey, as actions against Turkey, the Turkish nation, and Istanbul.

The excessive level of lying, exploitation/fraud, and deception that is going on through Bayraktar is now very annoying. For this reason, I will not be disturbed by whichever side is revealing Bayraktar’s true face, helplessness, fraud, and lies, even if it is my enemy. There will be no problem for unmanned vehicles and our pilots anyway. In that case, everyone can hunt Bayraktar for their own pleasure, and no one will cause them any trouble.

Eighty-odd million nations can no longer be deceived by traitors, masons, black moneyers and businessmen, and press/media agents who commit organized crimes with them. I will not allow this.

Even that black money man, traitor, US pawn Zelenski, whom they inexplicably embraced, heroized, defended, came out and confessed the truth. “With all due respect, but Bayraktar UAVs and SİHAs are not as effective and critically important as it is expressed,” he said. What more can you say, how can you say…

It is also complicity and an act of treason to hide this statement of Zelensky, that the Bayraktars are hunted like flies in Ukraine, and the facts/figures that the Russians have announced through the official authorities from this nation. Due to AKPKK’s so-called projects based on fraud and forgery, this nation has suffered a great deal and continues to do so. Bayraktar lies, Bayraktar deception, the Italian copy is much bigger than the ones made over the alleged ATAK helicopters. They’ve gone too far now. A whole state cannot be governed by lies, ulterior motives, frauds, frauds, and betrayals in every field. There is no such state or government. Governments and foreign companies that cooperate with these scoundrels should also take their feet.

Behind this Bayraktar, there are many crimes, many frauds, and even betrayals. Again, I warn you from the beginning, if I see those who are trying to make decisions and move against me, even I cannot be sure what I will do, where I will stand, or whether I will stop.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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