It must be abandoned

The Syrian issue is over for now. What Istanbul said was going to happen, it happened, and the world saw it once again. It has been a struggle in which the USA, Israel, the UK, and the entire Ankebut Cult have once again been collectively defeated.

Our struggle will continue without slowing down. As I have said over and over again, we will fight for the protection of the lives and organs of civilians, to end black money laundering, to “completely” get Turkey and the region out of the control of the Ankebut Cult, by stretching the field more and more every day.

We will soon take back all our islands in the Aegean, which are under the unlawful occupation of Greece, which is also a black money statelet connected to the Ankebut Cult. First of all, we were carrying out an operation of shaking and attrition with metaphysics, and this will end very soon. As this is over, our real military attack will be carried out simultaneously with the real metaphysical attack. The sky will come in, the red will come out( the sword penetrates me if I am in breach of faith). Greece will see what it is to be a pawn to the USA and NATO, what it is to sell millions of so-called refugees to organs and prostitution mafias, and what it is to be arrogant to the Turkish state/nation for decades.

As I always say, we are not racist. We are not cruel, murderers, butchers, or massacrists. On the contrary, we are trying to prevent them. We do not have a problem with the entire Greek nation. Whoever remained civilized on those islands and the mainland of Greece, and could say “wrong” to the mistakes of their state and nation, should leave within a few days at the most.

Although my army is Turkey’s army and its foundation is based on Turkishness and Islam, there are also members of the Turkish Armed Forces who do not know Turkish history correctly and have not learned the religion of Islam correctly, as many crypto-identified traitors have infiltrated our state and army system in the last two centuries.

Very soon I will order the recapture of the said islands and the Greek mainland by very harsh intervention. Force will not be used on those who surrender. It is possible that some western states will come against us to prevent this and there will be fierce conflicts. In the meantime, I will not be responsible for the mistakes made by the people in question, whose Islamic law of war has not yet been taught in its correct form. I am a person who knows that if even one person is killed unjustly, I will be held accountable in the hereafter. Therefore, I warn you clearly from the beginning. The current state of my army is not entirely in my line, and there will certainly be imperfections. Of course, it will take time to fix these problems.

So let those who remain human and innocent take my advice right now. And the rulers of the Ankebut Cult pawns in their heads should not listen anymore. Let’s move on to civil disobedience right now.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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