Let the final preparations be completed

Let the public and all parties inside and outside the country be prepared.

Anyone who has been wronged by the so-called FETO… Anyone who has been slandered and punished with false evidence, false witnesses, and punishments… I will evacuate them all, no matter whether they are of origin. I will ensure that they are tried again and with justice. And that will happen very, very soon.
I will bring back to their previous duties those who want to serve this state and nation sincerely, by obeying the law, and by not being involved in terrorism, crimes, or betrayals. I’ll give it one more chance. I will return their legitimately earned money to those whose immovable property has been taken away.

I will make after all of the transportable and real estate that were illegally confiscated from associations and foundations established for the purpose of serving our religion and our nation. I will only charge part of the justice system with this. They will work with law enforcement officers who have been given special and broad powers to their orders. They will overhaul everything again, they will scrutinize everything. They will trace and confiscate all of the foundation’s properties, money, and immovables that belonged to the public and were donated to be used for the public interest. Those who committed crimes in this process, whoever they are, will be tried and punished. The salvaged funds and real estate will be transferred to a real foundation that will be newly established and under state control. The foundation in question will publish all its activities, expenditures, and incomes on its website every 15 days in the clearest way possible. Anyone in the world will be able to see every move.

We have made sure that everyone has already heard and figured out that Fethullah Gülen is also a secret Armenian and MIT/CIA joint personnel. The top staff of the community established through Gülen is full of secret Armenians, secret Jews, secret Greeks, secret Yazidis, terrorists, swindlers, traitors, and murderers, and they are not touched. The top staff of AKPKK is also the same… They are no different from each other. AKPKK is an organized crime, terror, and treason organization that was expelled from FETÖ… I will release everyone who was oppressed, wronged, deceived, or used during their collusion and money fights, who was not involved in any legal crime during the whole process but was punished.

Neither Tayyip nor those holding his leash can prevent me from doing this. Neither the MIT(so-called national security organization of Turkey), the CIA, the British, nor the enemies of humanity and Islam in Israel can prevent it. I don’t care how much noise it will make, how messy it will be, or who will get hurt. In this country, there will be a state system like a state. There will be justice. Muslim or non-Muslim, Turkish or Kurdish or Armenian or Jewish… Turkish citizen or not… It doesn’t matter, there will be justice for everyone. Even traitors and enemies of humanity will be judged with justice. No one will be treated unfairly. Here, a distorted, broken state system that the Satanists and the Queen want, a state system based on exploitation, and Turkish/Islamic hostility will no longer prevail. Here there will no longer be a state system in which Masons are a state within a state. It will be made clear that the real parallel state is not Muslims who have been deceived, deceived, deceived, robbed, and exploited through various Islamic-appearing communities and sects, but rather Armenia within us, Israel within us, and the Masonic sect. In this part, injustice and cruelty will not be done to anyone. No one will be deprived of their right to a fair trial. It is already ready with the concrete evidence needed to ensure all this.

As always, I gave the clearest information from the beginning. After that, it’s up to everyone’s free will. I don’t force anyone. Everyone makes their own choices freely, but I pave the way for those who follow the path of good, I hang those who stubbornly follow the path of evil and betrayal.

Also, in a very short time, I will initiate a very big “revival movement” from the head to the toe, that is, the process of bringing every problematic part back to life and making it functional. I will choose to bring foreign nationals who want to serve our state and nation sincerely, who have the education and qualifications in the fields we need, to Turkey. I will not give citizenship. I will give a very long settlement permit. These people will be highly valued and treated very, very well. They will live in very good conditions. I will also ensure that those among them who have served for a long time with determination and sincerity and those we believe will be made citizens.

From now on, the justice of Yavuz, Fatih, and Kanuni will be applied in this country.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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