Do not subscribe to Yedikıta magazine. Don’t pay for madrasahs of us

H. A. (Akademi Magazine follower):

My hodja, Selamin aleyküm, you have a busy agenda, but I couldn’t help asking. I’m staying in one of our university dormitories. One of our hodjas wants us to subscribe to Yedikıta magazine. Do the money that goes to Yedikıta magazine also flow to masons and other people, or should one not be subscribed?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya:

V.a.s. They steal as much money as they can, whenever they can. They don’t have any trouble. That magazine is of no use. How many years has it been, and how many times has it been seen that it has made a sound in society in general and has made the truth dominant by changing the acceptance? The whole place is full of crypto Armenians and Jews. Do they ever steal…
What happened to Soner Demirsoy’s Jew? Has anyone seen or heard that you are defending yourself? What happened to similar people? Has anyone seen or heard that the center intervened in these? Is anyone still waiting for them to come out?
This path has been infiltrated and captured, down to the very first person. It is imperative that everyone is sharp, determined, and upright to overcome this strife as soon as possible.

You will write down these issues, come face to face and ask these people. This way is your/our way. It’s not the way of three or five cryptos or masons.

Eid-al-Adha(eid qurban) is coming. Do not lose your sacrifice money to these thieves, thinking that your compassion will prevail and that you will benefit the student(disciple). They have been asking for new dormitories to be built everywhere for several months. If one is built, they steal ten. No one keeps track of the money. The number of those who noticed the emphasis and said “What’s going on” and proved the irregularities has increased. Some of them went to the center and told their problems. The result has never happened again, it’s happening. The one who steals stays with what he stole. Even in this narrow/difficult time of this case, while such betrayals and thefts are taking place, neither the one who keeps silent nor the supporter can find a place to sleep.

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