MFS Statement

1- It has been revealed that Turkey is governed by the Istanbul government, not the Ankara government.

2- It has been shown to friends and foes that from now on, the Turkish army will only be in the service of Turkey and the Turkish nation and will not be a tool in the plans of Turkish enemies.

3- The determination of the Istanbul government and our army to solve Turkey’s problems at the center of the problems continues. However, while this is being done, the Queen, Biden who worships her and the like will never be allowed. Turkey is no longer an undeclared colonial country.

4- The Turkish army will never use force against the friendly and brotherly Syrian army unless it unlawfully uses force against it. We will always be vigilant against the insidious plans and traps of the Turkish/Islamic enemies. 

5- Our army will do whatever it takes to remove other armies in the region from the US/NATO control. Our army will be the means of security, stability, and justice in the region. For this purpose, first of all, NATO and USA bases in our country will be closed immediately and an exemplary stance will be displayed. No intervention will be held back to close the US and NATO bases that surround us.

6- It has once again come into view that one of the main reasons for Turkey’s and the region’s chronic problems is Israel, which is supposedly established in our occupied lands. One of the main reasons for the problems in our country and our region is the desire to make this so-called state the Greater Israel State, and to pursue a completely unlawful project called the Greater Middle East Project (BOP-GMEI) for this purpose.

7- It has been demonstrated that people with crypto IDs, who are fighting for the interests of Israel and the BOP(GMEI), must be removed from our army and other institutions of our state immediately.

8- It is imperative that the so-called refugees, who have been brought to our country and kept in our country against the will of our nation, with the betrayal of these people and the instructions of the foreign powers in question, be deported collectively as soon as possible. This is a matter of national security.

9- It is obvious that the Ankara government, which is taking instructions from the Turkish enemies inside and outside the country, is in a deadlock, will be thrown away, and will disintegrate very quickly from now on. This treacherous mob, this illegitimate government will never be allowed to disperse our country along with them, and every precaution will always be taken to prevent any security vacuum.

10- A steely willpower will be displayed among the officers in our army and civil servants in our state institutions so that those who belong to the Masonic sects and missionary sects will be purged and put on trial as soon as possible.

11- From now on, our army will fight more effectively to prevent all kinds of black money transactions, including human, organ, and drug smuggling carried out in or around Turkey. will never allow crimes against humanity, and will act in sync with the security forces to neutralize the enemies of humanity who are doing these things in the field. With the encouragement and even encouragement of the Ankara government, and with the instructions of the Masonic cults, the members of the army involved in these matters will be immediately identified and prosecuted.

12- In our country, unlawfulness against Turkish/Islamic elements in the neighboring countries will not be tolerated and necessary interventions will be made. Including all of our occupied lands, especially our occupied lands such as south Azerbaijan, north Iraq, Cyprus, and the Aegean islands, into the homeland will be one of our priority issues.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya

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