There’s no turning back from this cause

I gave a lot of warnings, but they did not listen and they chose this path themselves.

There is nothing to be angry about, crazy, or surprised about. We’re still at the beginner level, it can’t even be called a stretch and a showdown yet. Wherever we need to go, we will go there. We will not betray our cause, we will not betray our nation, and we will not let them kidnap those babies, children, and women anymore. Turkey is a free state. Any objections? Yes, it will all be legal. The humanity of the world will not give us a standing ovation for three minutes, but for years. Is there anyone who wants to come against me with the power of my state? It fits me too, let them come and see how both Turkey and the whole world mix at the same time. Let them eat the Turkish smack. They have known that slap very well ever since. The US and NATO, which are long gone and exhausted, showed the strong military power, fighting ability, and geopolitical opportunities of Turkey. The USA and NATO were still able to show themselves to the world as strong by playing Turkey over the traitors they put in their hands, by doing all kinds of things over those traitors, and by doing all kinds of black money business thanks to those traitors.

Now, Turkey has turned its back on the USA, the EU, NATO, and black money. Turkey is no longer governed by their puppets, traitor black money makers. Therefore, the “real USA and NATO” that has been overlooked is now clearly revealed. It becomes clear how desolate and disgraced the Western world is.

In a short time, we will liberate occupied southern Azerbaijan and we will have taken our islands in the Aegean, we do not know the USA or NATO, whoever comes our way, we will destroy them all. We will also destroy NATO and US bases on mainland Greece. The world will see the power of the Turk once again. It will be seen how the USA and NATO escaped from the Turks. Don’t be surprised, I wrote it to be ready now. They will not be limited to these, but as long as someone still thinks that they can crush me in my country and wants to be arrogant, they will pay a much, much higher price.

Come on, as many NATO and American/Satanist pawns as state leaders and army commanders, let them ally themselves against us. Let’s see if the political and military balances of the world are described in the press, media, social media, or as I have explained, let’s see in practice. Let the whole world see humanity.

Whoever has a problem with me, my system and my nation should not chase after unnecessary tensions. Whatever talent he has, let’s see it, and let’s give it back immediately.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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