It also suits me 

Again, some want to use the state’s legal system, institutions, and law enforcement unlawfully. Again, some want to do crazy things without thinking about the end, as if a drowning man will clutch at a straw. Let everyone do what they want, let it break from where it thins. It also fits me.

It takes only 15 minutes to pull the strings of Tayyip, of Biden holding Tayyip’s leash, of the Queen holding Biden’s leash. Within 15 minutes, I’ll have hundreds of tangible, shocking pieces of evidence from all over the world sent to everyone. Tomorrow, on the working day, I will ensure that this evidence is delivered concretely in many leading courthouses of dozens of countries in the world. The result does not change, I get what I want, but the way to the goal deviates, and the other way is taken. In my opinion, these so-called leaders and governments will be overthrown in a few hours anyway. Yes, no one should doubt that in just 15 minutes I will shake the world.

Haven’t some people called me to the courthouses but I haven’t come?
Whatever I have written, I will continue to write more. Whatever I have done, I will continue to do more. I have filled my ordeal and passed my exams and this time it will not be the same as before. Wherever I go, I will go very, very crowded. If there is any objection, let me come. Let me come like a nuclear bomb.

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