We would meet in England

I think the Ukraine issue has gone too far. It has now begun to cause unnecessary troubles to both Turkey and the region. The Ukraine issue must now come to an end. For this, the best way is for Russia to declare war against Ukraine. This will not bother us at all. We can even stand pro-Russian on this issue by announcing it openly to the world if necessary. We can also give great support to Russia, directly or indirectly…

I think Russia should also declare war on Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland. Belarus should also be an ally of Russia in this war. There is no USA, West, or NATO realm/system left to respond. We can also ensure that Russia wins in this part.

The Russians advance in that direction, after we deal with Southern Azerbaijan, Cyprus, the Aegean islands, and the mainland of Greece, we will go further from Greece without stopping. Russians are from Northern Europe, Turks are from Southern Europe, and we can meet Russians in England. We will knock down any US pawn leader and country along the way. We will destroy as many US and NATO bases as there are. When the era of empires starts again, the humanity of the world finds some peace.

Before that moment, I think the USA would have already been divided into a thousand pieces, but let’s say it’s still standing, it’s okay, we will also carry out a special military operation to liberate the American people. The Russians do whatever they want after the British stop. I think it’s a very good idea and the time and ground are also very suitable.

I think the Russians have made enough mistakes and paid enough for their mistakes. I don’t think they will take Istanbul lightly from now on. They also saw well that Istanbul did not need Russia, and they accepted it.

From now on, Russia should take a stance that shows that it has learned from its mistakes. Russia should now be a single-headed Russia. Lavrov and his gang should be dropped from the game, and then Russia should take a clear stance. Whether Russia will follow this path I have drawn or not, we have already set out on this path. At the moment, we are crushing the fronts with metaphysics, and very soon we are starting military interventions

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