Isn’t it time to liberate the USA?

Behind the repetitive phrases “democracy” and “freedom” lie betrayal, terror, exploitation, corruption, lawlessness, and injustice.

The administration of the USA has long been taken over by a satanist terrorist element. Acting in an organized manner through the Masonic sect, this element of terror has deliberately dragged the American people into physical and mental illnesses and disasters, and has dragged and is dragging tens of nations around the world to the same disasters through the United States.

Terror, blood, tears, cruelty, pain, exploitation, food terrorism, and drug terrorism all around the world are endless. When we want to get to the root of all these problems and pain, we always come across the USA. It is also seen that most of the American people do not prefer such a life, and cannot get rid of the element of terror, which holds the power with the discourses of democracy and freedom, and turns the elections into collusion. One Bush is leaving, another Bush is coming… An inhuman satanist mason is leaving, another satanic mason is taking over.

There is really no democracy and human rights in the USA. There is no legitimacy in the elections. Because of the USA, there is really no democracy, human rights, peace, and tranquility anywhere in the world. Terrorism in the world does not end because of the USA. Because the satanist terrorist element, which holds the administration of the USA, keeps the USA alive with black money. U.S. and NATO bases around the world have been and are used extensively in various black money transactions, including organ and human trafficking. Where there is the so-called US embassy, wherever there is a US or NATO base, there is inhumane work. There is betrayal, terror, blood, tears, massacre, satanism, and all kinds of material and moral evils.

Shocking reality Nobel Peace Prize to Jewish terrorist : Menachem Begin

 It is necessary to liberate the people of the USA, to save this element of terror, and to put a scalpel on the problems of the world on this occasion. This must be done as soon as possible in order to solve the problems of world humanity as soon as possible.

 An international organization can be established and a “special military operation” can be carried out against the United States. This operation, which will not target the US people and state officials who want the US to change immediately and become a state where the law is superior, can be described as a “special military operation to protect and liberate the American people and all humanity from evil”, and Turkey can lead this operation.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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