This is a grave level betrayal

While not all metal music makers are Satanists, the overwhelming majority of them are Satanists. Metal music movement is a way that attracts people to satanism. Kpop is also not a legitimate/innocent music movement. No one in Turkey can and will not be given the freedom of being a faggot. The betrayals and persecutions aimed at making Turkey a faggot with state power, the secret alliance of AKPKK, CHPKK, and the like, have collapsed with our recent interventions.

Music that leads to terrorist organizations and terrorism is also not innocent and legitimate. Young people may not know the shocking facts of life. they may not know the real faces of people, their ability to pretend, their sneakiness, and the techniques used by various secret organizations that are hostile to humanity/morality in the world. Elders and governments have the right and responsibility to make choices and prohibitions on their behalf. Arabesque music, even boxing, should be banned by all governments of the world. Not only music movements but also insidious manipulations made through television, radio, books, magazines and even social media are and should be banned. Such prohibitions are aimed at protecting people’s mental and physical health, they are in accordance with the law, they are necessary, and one of the basic duties of the state.

I don’t know how many religions in the world are one of the most basic and common belief principles. It is obvious that the real goals of traitors, such as Turks and Muslims, who see it as legitimate to ban speaking about jinn by expressly saying “jinn,” on television channels, are not to make the lives of young people better or to expand their freedoms. They aim to destroy Islam, Muslims, morality, honor, morality, goodwill, that is, the entire order of the world, and therefore humanity, and lead the world’s humanity from disaster to disaster. Afterward, it is to drag them to eternal hell, which is the main aim/goal of Satanists, that is, those who serve Iblis. This is also the goal of missionary sects, even if they are not yet fully satanic. Missionary sects are hopeless about the Christianization of the Turks and act with the basic view that “then they should be irreligious, immoral, dishonest, collapse in every sense, grapple with their problems”. Even those who make propaganda here and there that “most of the Turkish youth have become deists” are secret Christians.

Even though these facts are clear, trying to show the currents that lead to satanism, fagotism, terrorism, evil and immorality is a betrayal not only to this nation but to all humanity along with future generations.

It is unthinkable to allow people who have committed such grave betrayals to continue their treasonous activities as party leaders or members of the government. Such people should be hanged on the ground, or at least for now, they should be packed in dungeons, never to be able to come out again. State officials who do not do this immediately also commit grave crimes and are punished when the time comes.

The links/alliance of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and his gang, or even the gang of six altogether, to terrorism, missionary work, black money, religion, and honor hatred can be easily proven with concrete evidence. It can also be proved concretely that they are funded from abroad to commit crimes and betrayals at such a high level. If so, the judicial authorities should do their duty. Those who do not should be seen in the same class as them and the same interventions should be made for them.
It should no longer be allowed to set a thousand and one insidious and inhumane traps on the Turkish nation, especially on the youth.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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