Do not eat seafood, do not get wet in the rain, do not drink water without boiling

Attacks with strategic weapons continue.

Turkey is under heavy attack… I wrote from the beginning: “Winter is not over”. I knew the details, but I had not written them. I will not write yet, but this much needs to be written. Let the good people in between learn and take their personal precautions.

It should be noted that the high number of people living in regions outside the seasonal norms in Turkey, where precipitation is provided by artificial techniques, complains of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Rainfall can be caused by artificial techniques, as well as toxic chemicals or biological viruses that cause diseases can descend to the ground and infect humans, animals and plants. I have already written and warned, “Do not drink the water before it boils.” I said. No water should be drunk without boiling, even if it is the water transported by a carboy, even if it is collected from the most beautiful water flowing from the mountain.

It is also necessary to be cautious against biological virus attacks that eat, shred and burn people’s skin and then their flesh. I also wrote again and again that precautions should be taken against watched nuclear bomb attacks. Even if personal measures cannot be taken before, at least measures should be taken for the part after the explosion.

In Turkey’s seas, there is already excessive gas leakage at a level that warrants an emergency declaration. Various gases coming out from underground change the color of sea water, causing algae to form in a very wide area in a very short time and cause color change. It causes mucilage-like slimy substances to form. If it were any state, it would even bring the issue to the world agenda until now. They would also call experts from all over the world. They would gradually evacuate several major cities. But this is Turkey… A country whose name is Turkey and whose administration is at the hands of Turkish enemies with everything… The parties that play, collect, compress, leak these gases underground and the administrators in Turkey are already the same parties. They are all the same.

They do not make hundreds of urgent and important interventions that the state should do at such a moment, but people must take personal precautions as long as they can. Seafood must not be eaten at this time. Eating all kinds of shellfish, especially mussels, should be avoided.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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