Don’t run away, come to the mat

I invite England to the mat. Don’t waste its time with its hatchet men. Let’s not distract us with her dogs and pups. Let England go against us. We do not want to deal with England’s hatchets in Iraq, Syria, South Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, or elsewhere.

Come on, right now, before the eyes of the whole world, England will come face to face with the Turkish tiger, and as a result, England will be recorded in the dark pages of history.

The time has come for the world to get rid of the center of evil called “England”, the home of Satanists, the nest of sedition and terror, the center of colonialism, the center of usury, and the center of theft. Plain and simple tongs that do not burn hands cannot save England much time. England must not flee the field, run away from conflict, act cowardly, and be on the mat immediately.
As the deadlines I have given are over, I will throw the carcass of Greece, one of its tongs, at the door of England. I’m going to throw it with a big bang and a rest. From that moment on, will he wrestle on the run and waste time with its simple curlers? I will also throw the carcasses of Biden and Kamala at the gates of England. I’ll throw in dozens more.

Fear is of no use to death, from now on there is no challenge for England in this world.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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