If there are seas and oceans, there is no drought and famine

I will cultivate in a giant area in the Mediterranean. I will carry out an agricultural project that has not been seen in known world history in an area of approximately 350 square kilometers.

The sun is abundant, the oxygen is abundant, the water needed is from the sea, and there are no agricultural pests, no chemical pesticides, and no poisons. It won’t matter if it rained or not, or if the weather was too hot or not. In this system, there will be no possibility of damage to the crops. Insurance companies will compete with each other to insure this place, but there will be no need to insure.

The world’s best quality, most delicious, and most nutritious fruits, and vegetables will be grown, not irrigated crops with low nutritional value, bad chemistry, harmful to health, and inflated crops. There will be those who eat it for medicine, and as long as it is eaten, healing will be found.

Only a handful of people will work in the giant area and they will be able to ensure the functioning of the system. Everything will be automatic. Even hurricanes, not storms, will not harm the system. Electromagnetic attacks, even shots from satellites, will not harm the system. As this system will have a self-protecting magnetic shield, it will be able to strike and destroy the ships, submarines, planes, even satellites, and UFOs of malicious parties that overstep the bounds.

It will cost a little to establish, but it will not cost too much compared to its return. It won’t take too long to set up. Nor will it need to be fully established in order to start working. Automatic systems, robots, and cutting-edge technology will be used during establishment.

It will have its own ports and an airport. It will also generate its own electricity. If desired, it can also be used as a fish farm at the same time. It will print money just like the Central Bank of Turkey, but of course, it will not print unrequited, worthless, counterfeit money like that. It will be a symbol of how those who do honest and clean work can make a lot of money consistently and without any hassle. It will be very long-lasting. Some parts can be renewed. If it is used cleanly and renewed part by part, it will be functional for thousands of years without any problems.

Although the area is 350 square kilometers, about 10 to 40 times the crop can be obtained from such an area. Everything will be so automatic that in this system, tractors, combines and various tools and equipment used in agriculture on land will almost never be used.

Thousands of tons of very high-quality honey will grow there…

Its location can be changed when desired. If desired, it can also be divided into several parts. It can be made small first and then enlarged, first made large and then reduced. If desired, it can be sold to other countries whose lands are not suitable for agriculture but are on the sea coast. I’m not going to stop making one anyway, and I’ll make dozens of copies.

Whoever wants drought and famine to prevail in this world, I will not allow it.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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