“Colonialism is over”

I am writing it in the most clear way…

When everything is going perfect, the power elements within and outside our country who want to accelerate the process even more should strike more blows to Qatar, UAE and the Saudi America.

If blows will be struck to those countries, Russia, the USA and China will collapse before them. And it causes the greens to get out of the game almost completely. Therefore, not only the problems of Turkiye and the region, but thousands of problems of humanity all over the world will disappear. Recently, if the blows will continue to be struck to Qatar, it will cause the collapse of the Biden-Kamala gang before Tamim. The dream I had that I was kicking Biden out of the garden of the Çankaya palace will come true.

The influence of the USA and NATO on Turkiye will almost completely end. I evaluate that some of the U.S. and NATO soldiers won’t be able to find time to escape from the bases in Turkiye and will be captured. Also, the so-called refugee problem will be solved in a few days. As I said, these masses who even consented to live without an homeland will be expelled to Europe en masse. The impertinence of Greece will be responded harshly. We will take back all of our islands, even the minor rocks, particularly the Rhodes and Lesvos islands. In the meantime, we will harshly eliminate all the military elements of the USA who continue to openly display hostile attitudes towards us in the region before the eyes of the entire world. We will share the images with the world. We will say, “good news to humanity! The USA which is a paper tiger is ripped apart by the Turkish tiger.” We will say, “The salvation of the world is near.” We will eliminate the elements of the USA and all the elements who work for them in the North Syria and Iraq. There will be no longer a  PKK/YPG/DSG/PYD problem for Turkiye and the region.

The terror will stop, the bloodshed will stop, the tears will stop and as a result, the black money flow of the western world feeds on blood will be cut and the tears will be stopped on a massive scale. And the enormous amount of money they have been stealing through excessive taxation and billing will be cut.

It will seen that the USA and the UN which are already dead and have started to stink had been shattered. The western peoples who will eat each other from starvation will be the subject to the news. Yes, yes… I mean it. There are some among the latest representatives of the western world who have savagery, persecution, perversion, cannibalism, massacre and colonism in their history who have eaten each other. They have done this many times throughout history.

It will revealed that the western world imposed us as an example of a civilization/modernity is actually a savage western world without morality, spirituality and even humanity.

People like Lavrov made statements that “Colonization is over.” because of they know all of these will happen and they already accepted even the parts that I haven’t written openly and they know that they cannot stop it. It’s not finished yet, the covert invasions and exploitation were ongoing and Turkiye is ending this era. It will be over after a very rapid process. There is no turning back. Turkiye will not only save itself, it will also save the regional states/peoples and the humanity and particularly the neighboring countries.

Then, no matter what their religion, language, skin colors, all the nations and the governments who want to live humanely and who want to save themselves from all the exploitation and persecution must start to give the necessary response to Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The blows will be struck to them, then England, the USA, Russia, China, Iran, Japan who are the colonist countries and who are doing black money businesses all over the world by colluding each other will collapse. From now on, those who work and make effort, those who develop projects in an honest way will be leaders an all the sectors across the world, not the companies and the bosses of the colonists.

The beneficial projects that will be launched will spread all over the world. Especially the drought, famine, food crisis, the high cost of living, justice and education problems will be solved rapidly. There will be blessings and happiness everywhere and us, the real Turks never exploit or oppress anyone.

Everyone should choose their side accordingly and display their stances immediately.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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