We were going to go

The dictator Tamim bin Hamad as-Sani, the head of the black money statelet named Qatar, one of England’s “a hatchet man”, was thinking of coming to Turkey.

His so-called ambassador in Turkey, who has a lengthy criminal record, drew attention to the timing of As-Sani’s arrival in Turkey.

The news texts included the following sentences: “The Ambassador said that the visit to coincide with a period where the world is going through great challenges and difficult times at all levels, and which requires constructive cooperation and exchange of views on regional and international developments to face and counter these challenges.”

There was no need to prolong and soften the words. Is this how I write or speak… A person’s writing in two lines, using three sentences, and speaking body language and facial expressions in two minutes show whether he is a coward, brave, stupid, smart, running away, or fighting.

What do they understand from morality, cause, religion, faith, politics, administration, wisdom, language…

They know how to exploit their nation as well as other nations. Robbery, all kinds of theft and after-sales… They know how to harm everyone, establish terrorist organizations, and make them look like so-called Islam… To give money, weapons, and ammunition to terrorist organizations… To make black money through them… For this purpose, they know how to turn various geographies into hell.

They know how to kidnap as many children as they can, sell them to prostitution mafias, and hand them over to pedophiles. To kidnap even babies and sell them to satanic ritualists. They know how to kidnap girls and young women and market them to perverts all over the world.

Black money makers, human demons, unmanageableness. Whatever you say goes into the air. These are the people who say, “It is obligatory to kill them to establish the order of the world”.

We were going to Qatar, but here is the fate… It turns out that he would come to us in full swing.

He is not the only one, if others, like him, who are used as “hatchet men” come together, they can neither keep Soysuz and Bohçalı in power any longer nor can they keep their money business, including human and organ smuggling, which they are doing through them. Nor can they prevent these more than ten million so-called refugees from being sent from Turkey.

Let him come… Whoever can face me and oppose me, I am here. Let him come and finish his time with his preferences.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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