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The ideal height of people who can manage successfully is between 175 and 178 cm. Being too tall is not good. Every cm after 178 cm. is troublesome. As the cms increase, the problems increase proportionally.

Ilm-i sima (physiognomy) says that very tall people are slow and heavy in body. They get tired quickly and rest late. Their re-activation will also be delayed. As they are slow physically, they are also slow in understanding, thinking, thinking, analyzing, making decisions, and applying them. Her emotional states are also quite mixed. They display unexpected levels of compassion, goodwill, and even a little naivety. People who have not noticed until today, if they pay attention after this day, they will realize that very tall people smile a lot. They always want to interact with people and spend time chatting. Despite their overdeveloped bodies, their brains and minds are mediocre or even below average. Therefore, their conversations, as well as their knowledge, will be low. There may be very few exceptions, but exceptions do not break the rule.

To give an example, we can give Austin, Stoltenberg or even Tamim, the sheik of Qatar. All three are extremely clumsy individuals. Comprehension levels are even below average. They are also below average in the analysis and decision-making phases. Even if they have good intentions and want to catch up and help someone, they cannot. But everyone knows that these people are not well-intentioned.

Now someone will come out and say, “Well, MFS, these people are not real people anyway, they are bionic robots that have taken their place.” It doesn’t matter. Bionic robots are manufactured under the same behavioral conditions as real people. It doesn’t appear that the aliens inside them mislead their artificial intelligence every time. If the intelligence level, perspective, evaluation style, decision-making style, application style, culture, and belief structure of the aliens within them are often reflected on the outer bionic robot, the people of the world around the people who have been replaced by the bionic robots will always notice the strangeness.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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