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Incidents that cannot be explained around the world are increasing day by day. Inexplicable things are happening in many lands, air, and sea vehicles, and many military and civilian buildings. There have been more and more malfunctions in planes lately. It is a huge risk that governments and secret services that smuggle people, organs, and drugs even use civilian passenger planes in such inhumane black money transactions.

Metaphysical conflicts continue around the world. Countries that are already exhausted, exhausted in the political, financial, and military fields, but are still thought to be the most powerful in the world, are trying to stop us with only metaphysical techniques. Metaphysical signals are everywhere and very intense… Leaders, ministers, officers, soldiers, and civilian or military vehicles used in black money always enter the signal.

Some of the aircraft used in black money transactions can catch fire even while they are at the airport. Innocent civilians can also die in such civilian vehicles. Their responsibility is not on us.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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