We must speed up

We will intervene

As I foretold long ago, Iran is also collapsing. Authority is lost.

The Iranian people are revolting for very justified reasons. They do not want the current Iranian regime or its administrators.

Iran will turmoil. I’ve been writing for years that this will happen as the black money system collapses. The Iranian people, especially the people of southern Azerbaijan under the occupation of Iran, have been subjected to great persecution and aggrievance, and these cruelties, injustices, and unlawfulness have reached an intolerable level.

As Turkey, our burden is already too heavy. Our problems are huge, we need to solve the problems radically at once. We need to make very useful moves in a very short time. The turmoil in Iran is and will be in favor of Turkey as well as the Iranian people.

It will be necessary for us to intervene in the region so that no more burdens come to Turkey from that region, people do not cross towards Turkey, the security of life, property, and honor of Turkish and Muslim elements in the region, the overthrow of dictators/oppressors, and the establishment of basic human rights and freedoms.

As soon as Iranian soldiers or law enforcement officers shoot at the civilian population in Iran, or when elements of any other state attempt to enter Iran, we will immediately enter Iran with our army and ensure the safety of our kinsmen. We will include the borders of southern Azerbaijan, which extends from our border to the borders of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, and the south to the Persian Gulf, into Turkey. If they want to be included, we will accept the remaining regions to be included in Turkey. We will leave the people of that region to their own free will.

“We must be prepared,” I said. Now we have to speed up.

The Ankebut Cult, and most of all the Greens, will continue to collapse rapidly around the world. It seems that very, very soon the world will be divided into two: those for MFS and those against MFS…

If there are still those among the rulers of any country who think that this cannot be the case, they should quit politics and become peddlers on the streets. Let them do things according to their power.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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