Greece will decide

Greece will decide in a few days whether it will perish or not.

By entering the subject from the most basic part, I write without further ado. We will declare war on all parties/countries that will oppose the re-connection of our islands under our noses, unlawfully taken from us due to traitors who once took control of our country, to our country, and that will openly or indirectly support those who oppose them.

No free/free nation of the world can tolerate the fact that dozens of islands that it can touch if it reaches out, belong to a statelet on the opposite shore. It cannot tolerate that they are armed, that statements against them are made almost every day and threats are made about these issues, and that they come to the top every day. Our patience in this matter has also run out, and our righteousness is clearly in sight… How can an islet that we touch, even if we reach out from Antalya Kaş, be considered a Greek island? How can Greece claim rights even in the Mediterranean, and it is not enough to corner us, and try not to let us out of the water for an inch. These dishonorable and unlawful acts have been endured by the traitors working in western countries, including Greece, who hold the administration in this country to this day. Turkey is no longer that Turkey…

There’s no need to prolong your words. There have been many influential or authorized Turkish citizens who have been explaining and proving our righteousness based on the law for decades. In the face of these, the Greek authorities could never give a considerate response. Some decent Greek officials even gave speeches from time to time acknowledging our righteousness.

We are in favor of solving this problem primarily through a fair agreement and reconciliation. We are neither racists nor people who do not recognize human rights and freedoms, including freedom of belief. We are not hostile to the Greek people either. Nor do we intend to dominate them. We can solve this problem like civilized people. If this will not be possible, we will also solve this problem that word/pen cannot solve with our swords. We will never compromise on this issue and we will immediately ensure the security of our homeland and the connection of our islands to our homeland.

We have other serious and urgent problems with Greece. The US military presence in Greece, especially in Alexandroupoli, must be terminated as soon as possible. If we receive a negative response to this, we will make military interventions on the mainland of Greece and ensure the safety of our homeland and nation. We will expand our borders up to the borders of 1897. Likely, this will only take a week and the USA will not be able to stand against us, and no country in the world will be able to stand next to Greece.
After just five days, US or NATO military presence (soldiers, officers, light or heavy weapons, military air/land/naval vehicles and all kinds of ammunition, surveillance) on or around any of our occupied islands in the Aegean or Mediterranean surveillance systems, missiles, and launchers)… If we see the military presence of any third country, except for the NATO system… If all of our occupied islands are not immediately and completely civilized, they will both intervene in all of our occupied islands, include them in our borders, and then follow them. We will also carry out a military operation against the Greek mainland.

If such a problem does not remain on the islands, but if there is a NATO or US military presence in any location, especially in Alexandroupoli, on the Greek mainland, if all these are not taken out of Greece within 20 days, we will start the operation to the mainland of Greece.

From now on, we will not tolerate the insults, slanders, and provocative and humiliating statements of the Greek authorities every day. They have to cut their habits up until now as if they were cutting with a knife and behave like civilized people who respect the law. Otherwise, we will not evaluate verbal attacks as different from actual attacks. We are trying to live in peace and security here, we do not have to tolerate the ugliness of Greece, which is the “hands-free tong” of how many Turkish and Islamic hostile countries. Greece will make its decision, immediately establish relations with the new Turkey respectfully, or it will disappear.

For us to officially take over the administration in Turkey, we need turmoil both within and around Turkey. All kinds of confusion and conflict favor us at this time. But we also have a fear of God. Throughout history, all true Muslims first warned the other side before all the wars they entered (even in wars where they were outnumbered and strong in arms). “This is who we are, that’s the point, if you accept, here are the conditions, we can solve it without a fight, if you don’t accept, we are not responsible for the bloodshed,” they said. They did not enter any war without doing this. For all these years, there have been many people who have been arguing, “This MFS always says why they will do it from the beginning, appeals to their enemies, gives respite and then does it”. Here is the answer to this question… We will be held to account in the Hereafter for everything we do in this world. Everything we do must be under Islamic law and we must warn the people in front of us when necessary. The treacherous Greek administrators, who dishonorably summoned the soldiers of other states to Greece, and who have so far ruled the Greek people unlawfully and wronged the Greeks, as well as the Greek people, needed to hear my warnings. After that, it’s everyone’s own choice. They make their choices and history flows accordingly.

There is also another point… With very conscious, very accurate decisions, they have stayed away from NATO until today… Nations/countries that have not been involved in NATO’s crimes, sins, massacres, and black money… These days, when NATO is visibly falling apart… It is difficult to explain that they are joining NATO.
If these countries are making such a grave mistake at a time like this, under the threat of NATO, most notably Biden and the Kamala gang, we, as Turkey, are ready to support and help these countries.

A friend like Turkey does not need an organization like NATO. Once Turkey is removed from it, there will be no NATO left. Although not officially, we have removed Turkey from NATO.

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