Time is running out

The time I gave to the administration/government of Turkmenistan ends today at 23:59 Turkish time.

Those who betray and persecute the Turkmens… Limiting even the most basic human rights and freedoms unlawfully… Disconnecting the Turkmen from the world and even their environment/region… Making them exploited to the very blood and marrow… Trying to corrupt even their religion/belief… Doing every evil to the Turkmen people with the state power/possibilities of the Turkmen people. … who serve the Ankebut Cult… The last hours for the administrators of the Turkmenistan state, who, when evaluated fairly, are no different from Saddam, Gaddafi, and the like…

All elections held in Turkmenistan’s history are fraudulent and illegitimate. The last election, which was made recently, was an entirely procedural, ostensible, and fraudulent election. Currently, there are unelected, illegitimate dictators at the head of Turkmenistan. All law-abiding governments of the world have to see it as such and accept it as such.

If those who hold the administration of Turkmenistan are going to turn from this wrong path, if they are going to turn a new page, if they are going to serve the Turkmen and the Turkish world, not the Ankebut Cult, they should do what is necessary and openly declare it to the whole world. If they don’t turn back from their path, we will drop them from the game as well.

We will bring all kinds of rights and freedoms to Turkmenistan, including justice, human rights, freedom of belief, and worship. We will intervene in Turkmenistan immediately after we restore the rights and freedoms of Southern Azerbaijan and save it from the tyranny of the dictators. Where the pen does not affect, of course, our swords will ensure order. After all these warnings, we will not be responsible for the blood that will spill and the head that will break.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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