Green solidarity

You know, we previously crashed this bionic robot made in the image of Fuat Oktay at a live broadcast security seminar. He had connected the artificial intelligence to a malfunction, stuck like a broken record, and fell into a “loop”. Even though the subject was wanted to be covered up, even the Twitter mediums, who did not know much about us, had to see and write the truth. They said, “Fuat Oktay suffered a very strong metaphysical attack.”

Inside the bionic robot in the form of Fuat, there is an alien human who is currently working in China and who gets along very well with the green in Xi. Today, on this day when the whole nation sees the truth and hates Soysuz, almost all of those who support Soysuz are bionic robots.

Actually, I carry out a policy aimed at breaking the influence of the Greens in Turkey, in the region, and then around the world. Everyone should consider this. For Turkey to solve the problems of the region and the world, the Greens must be excluded from the game.

I recommend that all parties in Turkey consider these explanations before they make the mistake or betrayal of supporting a bionic robot-like Soysuz, which contains an alien receiving instructions from China and Britain.

Because I am very determined to finish off the Greens and to finish them off, I will also finish off anyone, any group/section that smacks them, even with heedlessness.

That Bohçalı is also a bionic robot. Inside, there is an alien-human connected to England (Queen) and China, receiving instructions from there. Otherwise, he would have been hit ten million times and died to this day. Turkey would get rid of a dirty character like Bohçalı. Just because it’s a bionic robot doesn’t mean it can never be dropped from the game. Until today, some balances had to be observed and some opportunities had to be given. His conditions were complied with, I did what was necessary, and now I am announcing to the world that I will hand over his bundle and send that character to where he needs to go. Neither the managers of the greens in the underground bases nor the cowardly aliens in the bionic robots they use on earth will be able to prevent this.

No one on the field will step back. If they stretch, we will stretch it to the end. If they want conflict, we will fight. We will not give another opportunity to those who missed the opportunity to negotiate. We have no fear of anyone. We will do what is necessary for anyone who speaks, writes, draws, or takes decisions as if to say, “I want to go to a showdown, to be dismissed, to be destroyed, not to agree.” We are confident in our strength, our determination is complete, and we will not raise our voices like criminals, like the helpless, like cowards, and we will not make outs again and again. With a noble stance, we will do more by talking less. We will pull their receipts, we will finish their work…

The great cleaning begins and this will be very beneficial not only for Turkey but also for the humanity of the world.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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