We will also revive our friends

Changes the climate, changes the air temperatures and precipitation conditions, burns the crops in the fields, causes rapid drought, dries the waters, causes forest fires, and causes various artificial disasters, including earthquakes…

We will take measures in Turkey very soon against all kinds of energy and magnetic field weapons/attacks that cause problems in the biological structures of humans, animals, and plants.

We will establish technological systems that protect the country against such inhumane attacks. We will respond with the same weapons to the parties/countries that carry out these attacks on Turkey and are in the same group as them. We will make Turkey a country where attacks cannot be made with climate/energy weapons, where even an unauthorized UFO cannot fly in the airspace, and where no attack can be made with any spacecraft from space.

Simultaneously, we will buy live trees from some African and South American countries to solve the drought in our country faster, and also tree leaves to revive livestock quickly. We will also purchase some animal species to increase the variety of animals in our country. Just as we will get live animals, live trees, and fodder leaves by paying for them, we will also receive live animals, live trees, and leaves in return for giving the said protection system to those we consider friendly from these countries. We will not exploit any country in the world, we will not do injustice and unlawfulness to any country and society.

Although it is currently within the borders of the Russian Federation, we will also obtain live trees and leaves from places that will soon be freed or connected to Turkey. We will also quickly protect Syria, Iraq, southern Azerbaijan, and the Turkish world and make it green.

We will grow plants easily and abundantly, even in semi-arid or completely arid soils, with high-tech systems that have never been thought of until today. To do this, we will not wait for the drought to be defeated or for the soil conditions to change. If we want, we can do agriculture even in completely desert conditions and harvest healthy plants that are as high quality as those grown in the most fertile soils of the world. We already have these technologies and we are constantly developing them. Moreover, what I mean is farming on the soil. I will not allow people’s health to deteriorate further.

Simultaneously, I will ensure the production of the most beautiful, strongest, healthiest, longest-lasting, and most economical products in every field of technology. I will destroy whatever problems are causing the cost of living, the hardship of living.

It should be well understood that I will establish systems that will please and bring peace not only to Turkish and Muslim elements but also to all nations that want to live in a civilized manner on this earth. Those who are “really” friends of Turkey and Istanbul will always be in the winners club.

I would like it to be known that I have not been able to agree with the Ankara government at the moment. It is still unclear what they will do and I will not wait too long. If they want to continue on their way with me, the Istanbul government will remain a shadow government. If they persist in their wrong stance, they will be overthrown and Istanbul will become the official capital and government of Turkey.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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