It’s imminent…

In the last period, extraordinary developments and changes in the balance have taken place at an unprecedented speed in world politics. Russia is over now…It is imminent… Events that shook the whole world can happen in Russia at any moment, and the whole world can hear and be shaken. The whole world will concretely witness the power of Istanbul.

The Ankara government also saw the power of Istanbul and accepted it. The Ankara government should back up the statements it has made in recent days, clarify its stance thoroughly, and never make any concessions against the Putin, Şi, and Biden gangs… The Osman Kavala issue is no longer an issue for the Ankara government. The Ankara government should evaluate the power of Istanbul very well. It should not be ignored for a moment that it is not even a problem for Istanbul, which is redesigning the world, to shape Ankara.

In this process, where even the trio of Russia, China, and the USA cannot stand against Istanbul, the spoiled child called Greece needs to be slapped. Turkey does not have to tolerate Greece any longer, which threatens, causes problems, and causes tension almost every day. It is no longer possible for the Russian issue to get out of hand, it will continue in favor of Turkey and the world’s humanity, and as the process continues, we will continue to intervene in every part of it… Now the Ankara government should turn its direction towards the spoiled boy named Greece, the hatchet Greece, and the problems in other neighboring countries. It is time for Turkey to stand up and become a giant.

It is a humiliation for Turkey that the islands under our noses are still considered Greek territory. It is a humiliation for Turkey that the Greek threatens Turkey every day and does not see concrete responses. It is a grave mistake that Turkey, which can adjust to the whole world at the same time, does not display the necessary attitudes toward the Greeks. Turkey is not a country that needs a NATO either. The deterioration of relations with NATO is not even an issue for Turkey. The Ankara government should also act independently of NATO, which has already been brain dead.

It is imperative that the Greek, who has been captured by betrayal and lawlessness as far as the islands close to us, should be removed from our land and sea borders, and that our islands should be reconnected to the homeland. Otherwise, Turkey’s reputation will not improve and its problems with the Greeks will never end.

Currently, when Turkey retakes its islands from Greece, there will be no serious response from any part of the world. The time and the ground are extremely favorable. For Turkey to overcome its gigantic problems, it must take risks as long as it takes their toll. However, Turkey’s quantization and a showdown against Greece and the swamped/finished countries behind it is no longer a “risk”. Very much, the process of overthrowing that useless Biden and his gang in the USA will accelerate. That’s all… China said, “Okay, Russia is over, okay, but when Russia disintegrates, at least the borders should be like this, right?” It continues to broadcast the imaginary political maps that come to say on the state television channel.

In addition, Turkey should move out of being a country that tries to provide most of its air defense from the air and tries to provide most of its naval defense from the sea. Thanks to the developing and rapidly spreading and accessible technology, it is possible for Turkey to provide more than eighty percent of its air defense from land. Turkey can deploy dozens of laser weapons and electromagnetic pulse weapons at the required points for air and sea defense within a maximum of two months. Such weapons and towers can be set up on our islands, just as we have reclaimed our islands.

Engaging in dogfights using our jets against the provoking and uninhibited Greek jets is a waste of time and money. Before these towers are installed, they must be brought down instead of fighting with the Greek jets. Turkey, whether it is a neighbor or not, should establish good relations with those who want to establish good relations from the sides of the world and should conflict with those who prefer conflict without hesitation. The claim and pressure that war is a bad thing and that there can be a world without war are extremely malicious. No, war on legitimate terms is noble, the business of good and noble people. Fighting when appropriate, when conditions are met, is essential for the peace and happiness of world humanity. The Ankara government can also choose to go to war with Greece if it wishes. It can extend our borders to the borders of 1897. All of them are right, law, and preference, and Istanbul is not disturbed by this.

All parties in the world should know that from now on, YIT(Yıldız Intelligence Organization) will concentrate on Greece, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Syria, Iraq, and Iran rather than Russia, China, and the Biden gang, which is already finished and advancing to the level we want. It will never loosen its close relations with the Turkish world. It will continue to get stronger day by day. It will try again and give opportunities to establish good relations with India and Pakistan. It will also improve its good relations with “civilized” people/groups in Europe, within NATO. It will also improve its contacts with the parties for giant projects that will be launched very soon and will strengthen Turkey and its allies.

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