Copper wire between the two shoulder blades | Dream interpretation

On March 2, 2022, I had a very shocking dream that announced very important events that will happen soon, and I noted it when I woke up. I preferred not to tell my dream so that the flow/realization of the historical events to be experienced would not be disturbed and the things announced in the dream would come true. I wouldn’t tell for at least two years. However, now that I am looking at the field, it is no longer possible to prevent the very important events, developments, and breaking points that this dream foretells. Some of the issues mentioned in the beginning have already happened, and are still happening.

At the beginning of my dream, I graduated from university. I saw my diploma very clearly and received it in hard copy. I’ve suffered a lot. The university environment was very bad, and immorality and irreligion were rampant. I was always worried, “How will I protect myself among these human demons?”

While I was struggling to protect my morals and religion, I couldn’t focus and try hard enough in my studies. I missed a couple of courses, but I was still able to graduate. They also gave me my diploma. No one says anything, but I get bored inside and I say to myself, “I will give the missing lessons later”.

After the diplomas are given, all the students of the university (none of them are good people) immediately leave the university building. I’m not in a hurry and I’m going to leave slowly. There are papers that university students left and threw on the ground. I see them. Without extending my hand, I lean toward the ground and stare intently at one of the pieces of paper on the floor. I understand it’s a report card. In the past, there were hand-written report cards that we received in primary and secondary schools. It is exaggeratedly large. I understand that this is a very old report card. I’m taking it. This is the dream, I get curious and focused, and at those moments the scorecard turns into a newspaper. To a very old newspaper… There is news from either 1934 or 1933. I’m not exactly sure of the year, but it’s more likely 1934. At that moment, I realize that the entire paper of the newspaper is damp. It is almost wet, but the prints on the paper are intact.

When I see the news of 1934 in the newspaper, I say, “It is still the era of the secret Jew Kamal Adıtürk, who is Sabbatai… There are a few more years…” I remember we got rid of him as a nation in 1938, according to the official historical account.

I want to leave that room of the university and go to the corridor, I will exit the university building that way, but I see that there is a wand in that room and I take the wand. When I come to the door, I see that on the other side of the door is Kamal Adıtürk, the ancestor of the secret Jewish traitors and a British spy. He came across me, he doesn’t want me to get out of there, but he can’t afford it either. He can’t bravely block my way. He tentatively attempts to cut it. He is already short in stature, frail, and also looks sick and debilitated.

He looks at me and wants to act like he still has the weight/power. I say to myself, “He is over, it’s not even worth the effort or even responding,” and I pass through that room on the right side for me, and on the left side for him.

That university is at the very top of the neighborhood where I live, in an area with a higher altitude and close to the E5 road. I’m also leaving the university building. I’m walking down the neighborhood to the house where I live.

I had a friend named Emin whom I knew in real life and hadn’t come across much in the last ten years. When we could come across it often, I would advise him and other friends with him, he loved, listened, it was good for him. He was a friend of mine who had not heard or learned anything from his family and surroundings, came to Istanbul on his own at a very young age, resided, and settled here.

In my dream, while walking down the road, I see that Emin years later, in beautiful and clear weather, on the left, in front of a coffee shop. While I was thinking, “What will he do now, what will his reaction be after all these years?” he calls me. I am happy too. I’m approaching the left of the road next to it. I give musafaha (handshake) by extending both my hands. He is very sincere, bowing his head, and showing respect. I respond with the same sincerity and slowly withdraw my hand.

He has a few friends around him. They are not good people and I know they were expelled before they graduated from college. Seeing our sincerity with Emin, I immediately sense that they are deeply disturbed.

Out of courtesy/politics, I extend one hand to one of them, shake hands and say “How are you?” “Good,” he says. I look at the one next to it, it looks familiar but I can’t make it out. The one next to him cannot stop and says “Like a child”. Our sincerity, pure intentions, brotherhood, respect, valuation, and warmth seem very contrary to him. He’s such a hard-hearted, rude, numb human demon… I handle him too, I don’t respond and I keep walking down.

As I was walking I knew that there was a copper wire protruding up between my two shoulder blades and rising to the right side of my neck. It was a thick, solid copper wire a few millimeters in diameter. On the right back side of my neck, there was a place for its tip to be attached. I hold the end of the copper wire that rises above my collar and hangs in the air and wear it with my right hand instead of on the right side of my neck. It snaps into place like a snap. As I keep walking on the road, I do this and say to myself, “This should have been done, now it’s done. It stretches my body a little bit, but that’s what it had to be.” I say.

I keep walking. I’m going to my own house, which I haven’t been to for a long time, but at the same time, I know that the house where we live as a family is close to there and I can go there. I know that my deceased mother was alive in my dream. I decide and say, “I will live alone, I will not go to the family home, I will continue where I stay.” I say.

While walking like that, the scene suddenly changes and it’s like I’m going back in time. An old wooden table has been placed on the empty and wide field. It is covered with an old-style tablecloth. It’s a simple, worthless, unsightly cover… It has a microphone on it. A man in his forties, in a light gray suit, sits in a simple wooden chair next to the table. His suit is tight, a different model… I see these parts of the dream as if a gray video effect was applied. The colors are not vibrant enough. Even the earth and air look pale and gray from their natural state.

I am suddenly surprised. “What year are we in?” I say to myself. When I look at the model of the man’s suit, the tablecloth, the technology of the microphone, I think we are in the early 1980s, but when I look at what the man has to say, I realize that we are in the first half of the 1990s. The man speaks Turkish in such a beautiful and fluent way that I am under his influence and I feel like, “Now, he has a professional style as well as those who receive voice-over training. This man should be TRT’s news presenter,” I say.

The man has an A4 paper in his hand and is reading from it. I pay attention to what you read. These are the sentences that reveal the filth of Tansu Çiller, the Sabbatean secret Jewish minister and mother of the mafia. “If this shocking information voiced by this man were recorded and given to me, it would be very shocking and beneficial for the country.” I think. The dream ends here.

Two days before this dream, I dreamed that I was about to graduate from high school, and I only had one day left until my graduation.

On the night of March 2, 2022, I had another dream.

I went to my hometown Afyon. There was a husband and wife there. I was their guest. The woman is not headscarf(hijab), but she is not one of those women who mess up that much. When I went to visit that family, I took a gift with me. A tiny device called electronic/digital dhikrmatic and worn on the finger…

I’m giving this to the woman as a gift. I understand that the woman could not keep up with this bad time, she was not willing to leave humanity, but she did not fully surrender to Islam, so she was in between and had spiritual contractions. I don’t know who the woman is, whether I’m related or not, why I went there as a guest.

She has an old-fashioned, non-LCD TV with a tube. There is a sensor eye to hold the remote control in the front, bottom, and middle of the frame/case of the television. Turns out this woman didn’t have a remote, she was having a lot of trouble watching TV. When I give the dhikr to him as a gift, this is the dream. He uses dhikr as a remote control and controls the television comfortably by holding it to that perceptive eye. When the woman does this, she is so happy and surprised that I am surprised that she is happy at that level. Then the wall behind the television suddenly disappears and the space behind it appears. The television is also not visible. In front of me is a place that looks like a Rainforest. The fact that everything is green attracts my attention. The leaves of the trees are very dense, very bright/vivid green, and they bend downwards… Green leafy plants have risen from the ground upwards, and the leaves of these plants are also very dense between them. One cannot even see the ground/earth when looking at that side.

I see movement behind the green plants on the ground. I understand that there is a struggle, but I do not know who or who is there, and what is going on. I see nothing but green leaves swaying as I look.

I see someone whom I do not know and cannot see, whom I presume to be the woman I gave the dhikrmatic gift, standing on my left rear diagonal and shooting a short, small arrow towards the moving greenery.

A few seconds later, I see a gorilla coming out from behind that greenery and walking with difficulty towards my direction. At that moment, I understand that the reason for the movement behind the greens was two sights. They couldn’t get along and be struggling. The arrow hit someone and immediately dealt a fatal blow. He threw himself to my side desperately. I look at the gorilla, that arrow that entered his heart close to his heart… He still doesn’t look good. He is already weak and falls on his back.
This time, I see a man on the right front diagonally making a move and approaching the gorilla. He grabs the gorilla by the right arm and pulls it. The gorilla is still alive, but I say to myself, “This one dies, he does not live… His wound is heavy and the arrow hit the deadly place”.

I’m surprised to see a gorilla up close for the first time in my life. Before the man pulls away, I want to contact him at least. I touch the left hand of the gorilla with my hand. Seems very different to me. I think, “Actually, its skin, its texture is very soft, it was not such a rough animal”. The dream ends here.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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