Turkish citizenship cannot be sold for money

The homeland, which was bought with the blood of martyrs, cannot be sold with money. Our lands and our state cannot be given away. The population balance cannot be changed. The Turkish nation and the legal system do not consent to the decisions and practices of the AKPKK organized crime, terror, and treason organization that give away the country.

People who acquire citizenship at the same time by buying real estate in Turkey can understand with certainty what a mistake they have made or will do, even by looking at the attitudes, anger, and rebellion on social media in Turkey.

This nation does not consent to the sale of Turkey’s citizenship in exchange for money or the intense sale of real estate in Turkey to foreigners. It never will be. This is one of the dozens of appalling AKPKK practices aimed at deliberately overthrowing this nation and state, and it will be responded to at the first opportunity. This nation does not want to be like the Palestinians, it will never happen. This is the Turkish homeland and will remain so. Major changes in population and title deeds will never be allowed in this country. If it is adopted, we will even enter a war on this issue, and we will even confront the states. For this reason, no one should trust their state and let the AKPKK organize crime, terror, and treason to give money to them. That money does not go into the treasury of our state, but into the pockets of AKPKK militants and the coffers of the Masonic organization where they work.

It should be known that right after the AKPKK, we will cancel the citizenships given to other foreigners by purchasing real estate, in one move, the citizenships given to Syrians. As the state, we will seize the real estate they bought. We will state that the action taken was unlawful from the start, that national security is at issue, that the entire population is against it, and that the practice is neither democracy nor lawful. We will express that those who have citizenship do this deliberately and that they take this risk. However, we will explain that it is required by law to get their payments back and we will tell them to get their money back from the AKPKK organized crime organization. Or we can do it like this. In post-AKPKK Turkey, we will write these repayments in the queue. If all the damage caused by AKPKK can be compensated, and if it comes to this issue, we will of course return the money to these people. If the turn does not come, the material and moral damages of this nation cannot be compensated, and the damages of those people who are so low as to obtain citizenship with money cannot be compensated.

I do not distinguish between Arab sheiks, Jews, Freemasons, Satanists, Americans, British, Chinese, French, or Germans. I will do whatever the law requires. I have always clearly expressed and warned what will happen in every matter, including the issue of Channel Istanbul. If I leave an inch of land that has been given from this country to a foreigner, my name will not be MFS, anyone will be able to name it however they want. I am so sensitive and so determined on this matter. To prevent this, I will destroy the individuals/bosses and holdings that I come across, even the states.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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