Biological, chemical, and nuclear…

Must be vigilant all over the world, especially in Turkey and the USA.

One should be cautious against terrorist organizations and terrorist and treasonous organizations that look like political parties or NGOs. Beware of the Armenians of Turkey, who for the last two centuries have known nothing but brutal bloodshed, massacres, and black money dealings. One should also be careful against the CHPKK, HDPKK, PKK(KWP), Alpaslan Kuytul gang, and other so-called political parties and so-called communities under their control.

Terrorist attacks using biological, chemical weapons, and even depleted nuclear bombs should not be seen as a low probability. We must be prepared for any eventuality, and heavy blows must be struck from the front by the power of the state against known centers of terror and betrayal.

We must be vigilant around the world. Everything looks like a spark… If it goes on like this, it seems like a lot of blood will be shed in Turkey and the USA.

The state and nation in question… All parties from Turkey must stand up against the CHPKK, HDPKK, Future, and DEVA, which have become terrorist centers. These so-called political parties must be closed immediately and with overwhelming intervention. Terrorism and treason operations should be carried out on those concerned.

Especially the CHPKK members, so-called intellectuals, and journalists, who did not speak up when there was so much betrayal, robbery, and giveaway in the country, but threatened everyone by spitting out that one of the main terrorists, Osman Kavala, was punished, talking about the “fight”, showing the terrorist face. Operations should be carried out and investigations should be initiated against everyone. The power of the nation and the state should be shown against these terrorist foci.

The state/justice mechanism should be faster than terrorist and treason organizations. He should not wait for them to strike the first blows. Their overseas connections should also be highlighted. All so-called ambassadors who speak in defense of Osman Kavala should be declared a man who will not want them and should be sent back to their countries. The terrorist connections of these so-called ambassadors should also be disclosed. It should be shown to the whole world that Turkey is not the old Turkey and that Turkey is determined to crush and destroy the terror and betrayal centers within it from now on.

The plans of the international terrorist organization led by Putin, Biden, Xi, Scholz, and Macron must be disrupted.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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