Everything is under my control

There are no problems, everything is running perfectly.

We are about to enter the final turning point together. As soon as I turn the helm fully and concretely towards this turn, the concrete foundations of a new world order centered in Turkey will be laid. Those who do not want to allow this will want to confuse all over the world, based in Turkey. They will do whatever evil and evil they can. There are some things everyone should know as we are about to enter the final turn:

– The problems and conflicts between the Greens and the Grays grew and intensified. For this reason, many projects that were translated as “conspiracy” in world politics quickly turned into real conflict/struggle.

– Apart from that, the greens are differentiated among themselves, and the grays are also differentiated among themselves. Some are from the Grays and continue with the Greens, and some are of the Greens and continue with the Grays. The groupings are too many… This means that anything can happen at any moment in the field of view of the people of the world, and sudden changes can be seen frequently. This means that I can often make sudden changes in decisions.

– Inside the bionic robot, made in the image of Queen Elizabeth, there is a gray that makes its way with the Greens. That’s why I’m going to drop the Elizabeth character from the game very soon. I reported this before. Among the members of the Royal family who seem to be at odds with the Queen, some grays have already decided to be in the winners’ club and have chosen the right path. It will be beneficial for many politicians and businessmen around the world to stay close with them. As of now, there is no complete haven for big-capital owners. After a short period of labor and major events, Turkey will be the safest port for them.

– It is true that we can detonate even the most distinguished ships of the navies of the countries/leaders that stand against me from hundreds, thousands of kilometers away. We can indeed start fires, disrupt electronic and mechanical control systems, and destroy the ammunition inside. We can indeed mind control and kill the crew, especially the captains of the ships. I wrote briefly before that, if we want, we can detonate the nuclear bombs of the countries that are persistently hostile to us from afar.

– Biden has very little time left. Biden has a huge share in the migrant/human smuggling and organ smuggling through Turkey, and as these things are undermined, that well-known gang, especially Biden, Kamala, Austin, and thus the Greens, get into more trouble.

Putin suffers from frequent and long-term situations where he cannot even see ahead due to being hit very intensely. The Putin character has already been dropped from the game. They won’t be able to keep him there for long, either. After Biden, Putin will soon be history. The Greens will lose all over the world. Perhaps there will not be a single person in the world who has not heard or learned that Biden, Putin, and Xi are bionic robots fighting collusion.

– Within the scope of the “New China-based Ankebut Cult” project, we have already transformed China, which was raised mostly by the Greens and hormonally/unbalanced, into a China that has withdrawn into its shell. From Afghanistan/Taliban plans to African plans to black money dealings and political games all over the world, we have spoiled it. China first tried to overcome the crisis by exporting hundreds of billions of dollars from large conglomerates. It didn’t happen, I said it wouldn’t, that China couldn’t get out of this financial crisis and it would fall apart. And now he’s getting the hang of the fake pandemic to turn his people into cash. This will not work either, and this mad struggle and the persecution will not save China. Green-controlled China will also fall into the situation it deserves. The whole world will see how empty and rotten the inside of China is. It will be seen how the humanity of the world has been deceived by collusive politicians, as well as the press and media about China. The “new world order” that the Ankebut Cult wants to establish will collapse in every part.

– Countries like Iran, Egypt, and similar do not have a chance. Southern Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Karachay, Adygea, Crimea, and its surroundings and Iraq will always be connected to Turkey. While this is happening, no one will be subjected to cruelty, massacre, or injustice. We will have a connection/road with the Turkish states by sea and by land. The Greens will continue to lose in Central Asia as well. All this will happen in a very, very short time. Dozens of gigantic projects, one more than the other, will be started at the same time in every part of this huge Turkish land. These will be projects that the rest of the world is just watching and discussing in amazement.

In the last 15 days, the number and power of the parties that have acted with me have increased rapidly. Even before I landed on the field, even with the possibility of landing, I caused great developments, and in some places, great stagnation and crises.

Among the parties in Turkey, those who want to be from the winners’ club must now stand clearly and upright. On the matters in question, they should stand as I stand. They should show high sensitivity to my red lines. First of all, they should react very harshly against human trafficking and organ trafficking, that is, the immigration policy, which the greens turn over to Turkey. I will not take into account any side that has not been able to confront Biden and his gang, Putin and his gang with the clearest and clearest sentences, and show their stance.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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