A scalpel stroke

Panic and fear are increasing among the secret Armenians and secret Jews who have infiltrated all over our community. They are not in a good mood, they are not smiling. They can’t see ahead, they have no hope for the future. They don’t even know what to do. Arguments and divisions between them are also increasing.

On the other hand, I openly write that I have not struck any blows yet, that I have only slightly moved the square. Now, I see that there is a secret Jew named Kaan Özeser in the Sultanahmet Higher Education Boys’ Dormitory on the European side of Istanbul. Even though he is known as Kaan among us, if a scalpel is struck on this secret Jewish person whose real name is Cohen, not only him but hundreds of others like him, his lifeblood will be cut. They’re all knocked out of the game in one move. And they fall noisily.

If we only get an investigation to be launched against Cohen Özeser, the investigation will soon reach Gülderen and Alihan Kuriş and Seyfettin Alkan as well. Immediately afterward, there are secret Armenians, secret Jews, secret masons, secret black moneyers, secret pedophiles, secret torturers, secret traitors, and enemies of the state/nation, gathered around Gülderen and Alihan. It turns out that dozens of acts defined as crimes in the TCK have been carried out by them countless times, and crimes have been committed and continued to be committed in an organized manner. It turns out that even many of our courses, which we know as the home of knowledge, are used in mafia-style black money works and even in human and organ smuggling. I have already said that there will be a lot of noise indeed, and the truths that come out will shake not only Turkey but also the world.

Yes, yes… I’m not exaggerating, it will be, and they really have a scalpel hit.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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