My serenity is not of my nobility

Everything is ready, I have done my best and I am waiting for many great events to happen.

 I have also made my warnings. Those who listen, those who do not listen chose their own path. The whole world will soon see which side is right.

There are still many parties playing the role of standing on my side. They continue to deceive themselves, not me, and very, very soon they too will see the disastrous end of their game.

As I said, metaphysical conflicts abound. I have reduced the publications so that they attack very much and,  it will be thought that I have difficulties. It was very good, they were hopeful, they attacked in large crowds and were devastated. There are not as many huge clashes as before, but they still lost a lot of men this time. Their dead are still numerous…

During this time, we have also worked on projects. We have worked on a project that the white goods industry is changing completely in the near future. The kitchenware industry is also changing drastically. It does not seem possible for the companies of the Ankebut Cult, which are still trying to appear giant and have become a ball of problems, to keep up with this sudden and radical change. Since the change will be with patented inventions, it is impossible for them to keep up. So things are going on in perfect order on our side. Sometimes we work on how we will change Turkey and the world after forty years.

Sometimes we are working on which works we will leave to the generations/children of Adams after us. Sometimes we are working on how to end the cruelty and tears on other planets in space and how to fix them.

 I’m tired of saying “I won’t die”, but I’m still tired of seeing people who stand still with the fear of “if anything happens to MFS, we’ll be on the road”. I will live at least fifty more years.

Now is the time to act, this world must change… While this world is changing and the change is complete, those who want to be in the winners’ club should start working as a full staff.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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