Who actually wrote the letters and treatises

Why have they deceived the people of Süleymanlı?

Who actually wrote some of the letters and treatises that are said to have been written by our Master, and that have been taught to the members of our community for decades with this claim, and which are made to be embraced and honored?

I am writing articles like this one after the other among many works in a limited time. For this reason, I am writing from the most crucial and summary part without making any lengthy words, without reminding, without linking to previous publications, without explaining some parts.

Our Master did not write those letters and treatises. Our Prophet (pbuh) wrote/prepared the famous Elif juz, which teaches only the letters and movements of the Qur’an al-Kareem in an ingenious way. In any case, the Ummah did not have a shortage of sources, and they have expressed this over and over again. In fact, there was great corruption in that era and great games were played on the disciples. Books published in the name of Said-i Nursi, who was their so-called master, who was actually a secret Armenian and Christian bishop, were spreading everywhere. Even the Shell company was covering the printing and distribution costs of these treatises, known as Risale-i Nur. Masons have been mobilizing to distribute these so-called Islamic tracts. In fact, it is planned to put these treatises, written by the orthodox and Christian clergy in the Fener Greek Patriarchate, in place of the Qur’an, or even before it. It is necessary to know and understand the conditions of that era very well, so that it is possible to understand why a true murshid in that era acted like this. If he had written works himself, crypto people in the community would have falsified his works after him. Maybe they would even try to put the Qur’an al-Kareem in front of it. I have written a lot about these parts in the past years, but when the time comes, I will explain these matters in a long way, perhaps out loud.

The person who wrote those letters and epistles allegedly written by Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan (q.s.) is Muhammet İhsan Oğuz, who was also a Sabbatean secret Jew. He was one of the traitors who set up a trap for Muslims by playing the role of a Muslim. It was mostly the Sabbatean Jews in our community who read his treatises in our congregation, claiming that they were the treatises of our master. Although M. İhsan Oğuz is also a Sabbatai crypto-Jew, he did not intervene properly in these lies. He used to say, “No, these works are mine. But he didn’t. Below is a work/file that can be opened/downloaded in pdf format, revealing who actually wrote these letters and treatises. Those who prepared and spread this file are also crypto people. However, the files was prepared seriously and almost entirely by staying true to the truth. We Muslims look at what is said, not what is said. Even if the Pharaoh tells the truth, we say “it is true”. While the study in question has clearly revealed the truth on this matter, we do not deny the truth because those who say it are not the right people.

Among those who had this file prepared, is Zeki Çalışkan, a lawyer I wrote about that he is a secret Armenian and missionary, that he was the founder of IHH, that he used to be at the center of the community, that he continued on his way with the AKPKK project, that he did all kinds of black money, including killing people for his organs. Years ago, he talked about this issue at length on his social media account, opened it up for discussion and stood behind it. Maybe he expected me to get involved, but I never got involved. Because all of what was told was true, it was proven, and a bitter truth was in front of us. When the following pdf file is examined with this preliminary information, it is clear that the truth is obvious before everyone’s eyes, but that there are many people with crypto IDs in our community before and after the change of the world of our Master, and that there are some falsifications. can be understood to be advanced. The details of this part can be understood, and the details of this part, where our Prophet (pbuh) actually infiltrated them with an ingenious policy at the most severe time of unbelief, and that he challenged it with this ingenious policy in conditions where it was not possible to serve Islam.

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See also: https://doi.org/10.30622/tarr.522264

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