Why Ruslana Korshunova was killed?

I consulted a lot with friends and then I’m still thinking about it. What would happen in this world if I wrote about who raised Ruslana Korshunova to the top in a short time, what illegal and even inhumane works she used, what happened next and why they killed her, and how many leaders and political officials from how many countries were mobilized to cover this murder? Ruslana Not one, but thousands of Ruslana were used by the same system, then massacred.

Even if I do not write all of them, but only the part of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, and explain why Putin is struggling to cover up the murder of Ruslana, what will happen in this world… It is necessary to measure well and calculate the results correctly. There are also very big events in Turkey, how many thousands of people suddenly fall out of the game. It is immediately clear that the trial of the Adnan Oktarists was for show, and a genuine trial immediately begins. It works very well for me. It would be a great cleaning up to the Jewish/Mason state officials used in my cases/processes. Just in case, the real bombs explode in Russia, Ukraine and Israel. They explode quite loudly and devastatingly.

I still haven’t made the final decision. I am in deep thoughts. I am sure of what I can do. I am sure that I can turn this world upside down by sharing or even not sharing the evidence, but I am not sure when the time has come, whether I am compelled to do this, whether such a big conflict should occur or not. A voice inside me right now says, “Make these interventions, burn these leaders and their gangs full of government officials, government institutions, all of them. There is a world that has already turned into hell and is burning hot, there is a world of humanity. In that case, let it burn a little more, let the burning burn, let the destroyed be destroyed and order established out of chaos,” he says.

How they killed Ercan Arıklı. He started to talk a little, what else would he say. After Turkey, clean hands operations were started all over the world. But how the man could not see the big bus and got stuck under it. There is also a person called suicide, who was thrown from the 11th floor while falling into the traps of Adnan Oktarcılar and then trying to escape. Those who were thrown from the Bosphorus Bridge at midnight and called suicide. After being killed, there were reports that “The famous artist commits suicide”… There are similar events all over the world. Those who were sacrificed in rituals, those who were executed by their own agencies, those who were destroyed by the secret services of their own states. What else… Enmity against humanity, Freemasonry, Judaism, Satanism, rituals that killed people, rapes and tortures, drug dealing, organ work, all kinds of smuggling including human smuggling, terrorism, pedophilia, tax evasion, siphoning off the treasury of states, profiteering from the bills paid to the citizens, the depravity implemented through the celebrity community, the projects of irreligion, and much more…

The revelation that tens of states’ administrative staff, military officials, intelligence services, celebrities, businessmen, doing black money business with an international organization, doing all kinds of evil deeds, and causing mischief in the world, will cause what and what causes.

When you do this, it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen in the end, but in all probability, governments and even the military and political bureaucracy are changing in dozens of states. The balance of the world, the weather of the world is changing. Everything in states is changing, including education, law, tax systems. Human / conscientious and good / beautiful things are starting to be seen everywhere. In all probability, the masonic order is exposed, collapses, is banned, hundreds of thousands of masons are put on trial around the world, some of them are executed. All humanity curses Jews, Freemasons and Israel. All humanity is after the Jews and the Freemasons. You know, when it was said in the hadith, “Even the stones will say -Come, there are those Jews behind me, kill him too-“, I am absolutely sure that if I make these interventions, those events that were announced 14 centuries ago will happen.

And my opponents have gotten on my nerves, they made me very nervous, they still stretch me, they still test my patience and determination. My eyes can’t see anything. I would rather die a million times than live like this without a second thought. I have no fear of death, persecution, or enemies. Those who travel with me have no fear either.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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