There has to be performed “special military operation” on Israel

Behind the war game, the collusion in Ukraine, there are inhuman black money dealings. There’s the organ business, the drug business, the human trafficking business. Behind this are the political and military officials of Ukraine and Russia. There is also the Biden-Kamala side from the USA. There are also parties/countries/leaders from the EU, but behind the background and at the center of them all, as always, is Israel.

Israel is both an occupation statelet, an illegitimate and Satanist, that is, an enemy of humanity, a black money statelet.

To this day, more than a million Ukrainian citizens have been expelled and abducted from Ukraine, by various tricks, deceptions, and by showing them differently in official news and news feeds. Although there are other states, leaders and secret services in between, they fell victim to organ and prostitution mafias, white women trafficking, organized and directed by Israel from the background. Israel is also responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of Ukrainian orphans. At the time, some Ukrainian authorities, when they tracked tens of thousands of Ukrainian children, finally reached Israel and determined that those children disappeared and were killed in Israel.

Recently, they wanted to create a huge black money storm based in Afghanistan through the Taliban, and we have broken it. China so-called quarantine of about 14 million of its own citizens with false official statements and deception, organs began to be stolen immediately, we have broken them. I will not go into it again, what they tried and what we always failed. Now, these states/authorities, doing black money dealings with a system in which Israel is at the center, confused Ukraine as a last resort. There is nothing in Ukraine other than deliberately stirring things up for black money, making people fall into refugees, and colluding in the world public opinion in this part. They don’t even have what they call a special military operation.

Israel is responsible for all the suffering, atrocities, terrorist organizations, atrocities, massacres, poisonings, food terrorism, robberies over so-called psychiatric drugs, depravity, debasement, desexualization, fagot projects, all kinds of drug dealings, all kinds of witchcraft, all kinds of black money is the center of evil at the very center of their affairs. It is the first reason why the world and humanity are in this state. Israel is the reason why Ukraine is in this state right now. The black money maker Jewish Zelensky, who is the head of Ukraine, is also at Israel’s disposal.

For decades, all Israel’s institutions and organizations have been operating in this bloody and black system that has dragged the world from disaster to disaster. In other words, the authority/system called Israel as a whole is integrated into it, it is the most central of it. All political and military officials, old or new, have to be arrested and convened in Israel and subjected to trials that all humanity can watch live in a transparent way.

World humanity/states are already aware of this truth to a certain extent. From now on, much more must be told to humanity, and right now, without wasting any time, the harm that Israel continues to inflict on all humanity, especially on its citizens, must be prevented. For this purpose, a real “special military operation” have to be launched against Israel immediately.

In the continuation of this process, Queen Elizabeth and her gang, Biden-Kamala gang, Putin and his gang, Xi and his gang, Scholz and his gang, Khamenei-Chief and his gang will also be exposed and overthrown. Special military operations should be carried out on those who are not overthrown. Those who surrender are tried in international trials, and those who do not surrender are primarily targeted and destroyed during a special military operation. For the sake of the planet, states, nations and future generations, a special military operation should be carried out on Israel as soon as possible, and then the leaders of other countries, which are under their control, who deliberately create authority vacuums in various parts of the world with their orders, make tens of millions of people refugees and make them victims of the mafia. They should either be operated on or be overthrown and prosecuted.

All sides have the necessary evidence and information, but if they say “no” or “this is crazy”, the evidence I have is more than enough.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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