Will Mario Draghi laugh all the way to the bank?

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi is on good terms with Zelensky, Putin and many people from the west/NATO side, even with Xi. More white women are expecting white little children than Ukraine these days. There is much more demand for Ukrainian refugees than Syrian, Afghan, Pakistani, African refugees… It is much easier to sell them.

The whole world has already seen, those well-known officials of Western states, who shouted, “We don’t want refugees, nor do we want them,” began to say, “Come, come, our door is wide open to all of you” when it comes to Ukraine. If possible, they will pull all the Ukrainian people to the West and will not worry about anything. Why is that?

It is called Christian solidarity, but it is not the real truth. The real truth is the expectation/demand of white women and white children… I keep telling you that they are already very, very stuck in the black money field, now they are trying to lure white-skinned Ukrainian women and children into traps, not black women or children.

If you don’t believe me, ask Macron, he’s already involved in these things… How many children or women have France smuggled out of Africa? While hundreds of motherless and fatherless black children were smuggled into France, stuffed into the cargo hold of the passenger plane, the smugglers were caught red-handed. How hard did France try to close this crisis, but was it closed? Evidence is everywhere…

If you want, enter this research from the very center and open a file from Israel and look. The back will look like a sock rip. Take a look, I don’t even need to share evidence, everything is already before the eyes of humanity…

However, my nervous system is overloaded, I can no longer tolerate these human demons that look like the president, the prime minister, the head of the secret service, the chief of staff, and the big businessman. I can go crazy at any moment and turn this world upside down in just a few hours.

What was the name of that movie, there was a movie played by Liam Neeson, I found it Tracking… In that Tracking movie series, a father (Liam) was saving his own daughter from human smugglers, those who kidnapped women and sold them at auction, and those who kidnapped them and made them prostitution in Europe under the influence of drugs. Strangely enough, in the movie Follow-up, although the Jews and Christians were in reality behind this work, they showed it as if Muslims were doing this in the world. It’s strange, this world is not in the right hands, either. It is necessary to demolish and re-establish many fields and to ensure order. Is it time?

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