Turkey must be prepared

Many countries have experienced power outages for no apparent reason. The cuts were long and there was much controversy over them. They were all attacks with advanced technology. I see a very high probability of power outages, like theirs, in all of Turkey, especially in Istanbul. While the Western world is sinking, he will say, “I am sinking, so the whole world should sink”.

It is necessary to be prepared in Turkey against heavy rains, floods, storms, extreme cold, lightning storms that do not stop for hours, heavy snowfall, and earthquakes.

If you are still persistently reckless, there will be a very high number of casualties and a very high level of financial loss. Again, I repeat, it is not difficult to counter such attacks with electromagnetic weapons. It is possible to disrupt and distribute the electromagnetic field accumulated above us by sending a counter electromagnetic field, and it is not as difficult and costly as one might think.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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