I think you should take the shortcut, what do you say?

Tayyip’s phone conversation with the Iranian president’s chief did not bode well. It was not a good meeting for Turkey. Tayyip is cornered. While trying to save Ukraine and butle for Europe, he put Turkey in unnecessary and grave troubles. The natural gas problem seems to continue as well. For this reason, long-term electricity and natural gas cuts will be seen in the big cities of Turkey very, very soon. To prevent this from happening, first of all, the electricity and gas of the provinces around the big cities will be cut off. Whatever is done, Tayyip will, unfortunately, make the nation pay while he pays a heavy price for his foolish policy and serving the West.

In each city of Turkey, it is necessary to be prepared for long-term electricity and natural gas cuts. Or you can take a shortcut and the whole of Turkey can rise up and crush these traitors under their feet.

Meanwhile, the Europe that Tayyip is trying to save is no different from Tayyip. The way Macron was treated in Russia was not done to Macron himself. Macron represented Europe there, and that crushing, degrading treatment was done to Europe. Thus, the whole world saw once again in a very clear and concrete way that the center of world politics is Turkey and its patriots, and that we have the power to change the balance in any matter we want.

Neither Western world nor NATO nor EU nor the USA can be saved. All of them have already sunk, but they are trying to hide their situation, not to reveal it. Unless the people in Turkey overthrow and punish these pro-Western traitors, they will not be able to hold back from treachery and harm, nor will they be able to solve Turkey’s problems. If so, one must be realistic and a decision must be made now…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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