Azerbaijan dice with death, not Turkey

The recent signatures between Turkey and Azerbaijan do not bind us either. We do not accept every attack on Azerbaijan made on Turkey. The pro-Western/NATO moves by the traitor Aliyev, his wife, and other traitors under their command will set fire on Azerbaijan, not Turkey.

How many times have I said that the Azerbaijani people should immediately be waken up to themselves. If they do not, they will know for themselves and experience their disastrous fate. I don’t think everyone in the Turkish world, including Turkey, is on the right track. I always make decisions in every matter without leaving the fairness. Every nation has good and bad. Both the patriot and the traitor come out. Freemasons and traitors from the Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult infiltrate every nation. Every nation that does not correct its creed and morals, and does not fight for its homeland and state, will experience the end it deserves.

I never allow and will never allow Turkey to stand next to an Azerbaijan that will be set on fire by the traitors at its head. If Azerbaijan stands as it has to, I will not allow anyone to harm Azerbaijan. Everyone should review their ranks, stances, intentions, goals, leaders, regimes, creeds, and deeds.

Currently, both Tayyip and Aliyev are bionic robots. Inside both of them are aliens working for the UK-based Grays.

If there is an Azerbaijani people who do want to overtake Aliyev and do not let other traitors take his place, then here, besides that Azerbaijani people, there are Turkish brothers ready to pay any price, and they have brothers in other parts of the Turkish world.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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