It has covered up

The case of Kübra Ece, who fell from the balcony on the fourth floor with her consciousness mostly closed, also connected to certain places behind the background. The system is trying to cover up this case with great effort.

After the Kübra Ece case, there are black money works such as prostitution, drugs, digital business, and kidnapping women. Not only  Masonic cult both also Adnan Oktar criminal organization is behind those actions. AKPKK organizations are emerging, where the Adnanists mix and mingle. Crime Minister Solomon Soysuz is behind too. Black money managers and supervisors from Istanbul Police Department are too. As in other similar cases, this case also is connected to parts of the Ankebut Cult like a fringe. It turns out that the officials responsible for revealing what happened are also members of the Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult, and the issue is being tried to be covered up.

Then you see, they make noise in the press and the media to stop violence against women. What has become of this country, that the members of the press and media who made such statements are also members of the Ankebut Cult… People who know what goes on in such cases, and the grave, very grave truths behind the background.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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